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Choose the Best Automotive Work Gloves in 90 Seconds

When it comes to choosing the right gloves, decision making can be hard.

There’s a lot of hazards in automotive and steel manufacturing and different areas will have different needs.

We sat down with Derek Coughlin, Superior Glove’s Key Industry Manager for a rapid-fire round of his favorite multi-purpose automotive work gloves.



Don’t have video capabilities? Here’s the transcript:


Contender™ Cut-Resistant Kevlar® Blend Glove:

These speckled, 7-gauge gloves contain four high strength fibers.

The glove is 50% Kevlar®, but is reinforced with steel, glass, and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene as well.

The yarn is engineered in order to maximize cut, abrasion, and snag resistance.

This glove was specifically designed for workers in the auto manufacturing industry. Learn more about this glove by listening to our on-demand automotive webinar.

Contender™ Cut-Resistant Kevlar® Blend Glove
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Why Derek Loves Them: “This glove is very popular in the automotive industry. This is a Kevlar®-based product so it’s good for heat. But people also like it because of the dexterity. It has a very high cut level, hits our new A7 standard, which not a lot of gloves are hitting quite yet. So it’s very good for cut, very good for heat and has good dexterity.”


TenActiv™ Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Knit with Black PU Palms:

These black cut-resistant gloves are part of Superior Glove’s best-selling product line: the TenActiv™ series.

Made from TenActiv™ yarn – a high-performing filament that is lint-free and stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, these gloves are designed to be suitable for a wide range of automotive assembly applications at a great price.

TenActiv™ Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Knit with Black PU Palms
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Why Derek Loves Them: “Offers a lot more dexterity [than the SKGCXPS], a little cooler on the hand but it’s also black so it doesn’t show the dirt so it’s nice for longevity and good comfortable wear.”


TenActiv™ Cut-Resistant Sleeves with STAYz-UP™ Armbands:

These sleeves are made of TenActiv™ yarn – a high performance filament fiber.

Rated ANSI level A5 for cut resistance, these sleeves are a phenomenal choice for anyone who requires reliable protection against cut hazards.

TenActiv™ Stay-Cool Cut-Resistant Sleeves with Silicone-Free Elastic and STAYz-UP™ Armbands
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Why Derek Loves Them:We sell this particular sleeve to BMW in South Carolina. What they liked about it is that it has a high cut and it’s cool on the arm. So they can wear it all day, it’s nice and cool and it won’t heat up.”

If you’d like to try any of the automotive work gloves or sleeve that Derek suggested, click the button below the product image to get your FREE sample!

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