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A+A 2015: A Show to Remember

Last week, Superior Glove had the honor of attending A+A: an international trade show designed to build excitement and awareness about health and safety. Each year, people come to A+A from near and far to learn about the latest technological advancements, best practices, and new and upcoming products and gear in the safety world. This year, the exposition took place in Germany – a country known for its distinct culture, great food, and amazing beer. To paint a better picture of what A+A is all about, this year’s exposition revolved around four key themes: Safety at Work, Security at Work, Health at Work, and Corporate Fashion. We loved sharing a booth with our friends at Beeswift Limited at the show, and greatly enjoyed getting the chance to speak to so many people who are just as passionate about personal safety as we are!

AplusA 3

One of our Territory Managers, Margaret Armstrong, setting up our A+A booth with our VP of Sales, Frank MacDonald.

AplusA 6

We loved participating in so many interesting, enlightening conversations about safety at our lively booth!

While this show was extremely different from NSC Expo 2015 – the trade show in Atlanta we attended a few weeks ago – we found ourselves experiencing a lot of “eureka!” moments at A+A too.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the fascinating things we learned during our time in Düsseldorf.

1. Go, Go, Gadget … Diamond Tech yarn!

We were stunned by some of the crafty ways that PPE manufacturers from around the world have begun to use new, high tech materials to construct their personal protective equipment. At A+A, we saw it all – everything from DSM’s new Dyneema® Diamond Technology yarn (which provides unparalleled cut protection, along with advantageous cooling properties) to advancements in impact-absorbing materials from D30. These ingenious developments will single-handedly (pun intended) improve the realm of hand protection: it’s no secret that these innovative new materials will improve PPE performance in the coming years.

2. Flash Fire and Arc Flash Protection were hot topics this year. (Pun intended.)

There was a much wider selection of flame-resistant PPE available at the show this year than ever before. There were also several booths that featured demos designed to raise awareness of these hazards, including DuPont™’s “Thermoman.” We were delighted to see so much attention being devoted to these workplace hazards, since they can not only have serious repercussions, but also because they are becoming much prevalent workplace threats.

To learn more about the threat of Arc Flash and the crucial role that your PPE plays in protecting you against it, be sure to register and tune in to our webinar about the subject with Hugh Hoagland on November 19th!

3. There’s some pretty chic safety gear out there that even the Kardashians would approve of.

AplusA Fashion
Posted on the official A+A Twitter page.

Much more so than their American counterparts, European PPE manufacturers have a knack for combining safety and fashion. (Germany was, after all, the birthplace of Karl Lagerfeld, Heidi Klum, Hugo Boss, among many other fashion giants in the industry!) We were blown away by the level of creativity that these manufacturers displayed; we were amazed at their ability to think outside of the box. Their chic, innovative designs will not only enhance the appearance of future PPE products, but do wonders for worker compliance and comfort as well.

In short, our time at A+A 2015 involved much more than just the two As in its title: it was about the power of adaptability, advancements (in technology, materials, and thinking), amazement, and, of course, awareness (of the many different workplace hazards out there, as well as about a variety of up-and-coming PPE solutions). We’re still reeling from all of the useful tidbits we learned, and can’t wait to see the next one brings. See you there!

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