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Big Announcement for Canadian Manufacturing

ACOA Partners with Superior Glove Point Leamington

Plant Manager Frazer Stuckless shared the following at today’s event in Point Leamington:

“On behalf of everyone at Superior Glove, I’d like to thank ACOA for their investment in our business. As the Plant Manager of Superior Glove’s Point Leamington location, I’ve seen first-hand how much our Newfoundland business has grown over the course of many years. Keeping our operations in Newfoundland means a lot for Superior. We’re a family company that values hard work, innovation, and a commitment to creating quality hand protection products. And, as a Canadian company, we are also extremely proud of our heritage; we are dedicated to bringing that well-known Canadian work ethic and spirit to everything that we do.

This is why ACOA’s partnership with our business means so much to us. As a government organization whose mission is to support and bolster Canadian innovation and business, we are very pleased that ACOA has invested in our operation. ACOA’s investment will enable us to purchase new, highly-advanced machinery for our Newfoundland factory. In turn, this will allow us to continue to create our most technical cut-resistant gloves at our Point Leamington location. After the gloves have been sewn, dipped, packaged, and shipped out, they then go on to protect the hands around the world — from the employee who painted the high gloss red coat of paint on your new Honda, the construction crew who spent the last year building a new hospital, or the worker who handled the Lego that you gave your kids last Christmas.

That’s where these gloves go.

That’s why it’s so incredible to have the opportunity to make these gloves right here, at home. For this reason, we are grateful that ACOA‘s support will also allow us to employ more and more Newfoundlanders at our Point Leamington plant — some of the hardest working and most resourceful people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

So, with that, I want to express a big thank you to the Town of Point Leamington, who has allowed us to expand our operations here at home for so many years. Thank you as well to all of our supporters at ACOA for your partnership and dedication to supporting Canadian business.

It’s amazing to see what we can do together.”

Want to find out more about our partnership with ACOA? View the official news release.

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