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Antarctica Couldn’t Destroy These Gloves…

The average temperature in the height of summer at McMurdo Station, Antarctica is -2.9°C (26°F). Balmy, right?

Extreme Cold Weather Gloves in Antarctica

On the flip side, in the dead of winter the thermometer is typically frozen solid but it should read -26.1°C (-15°F) and can get as low as -49.4 (-56.9).

Winter protection is always a requirement for those who work at McMurdo Station, the largest of the three year-round US Antarctic Program stations managed by the National Science Foundation.

Regardless of how cold it is, when the temperature drops, it’s time to start taking precautions to prevent injuries like frostbite or hypothermia.

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It extreme situations, like working in McMurdo, the Fleece-Lined Extreme Cold Weather Mitt is your best bet.

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These extreme cold mitts were designed with cold Canadian arctic winters in mind, but based on a recent testimonial we received from Rebecca B., a weather observer based at McMurdo Station, the gloves work pretty well at the South Pole as well.


“They have been amazing. The extra-long cuff fits over the wrist, so they kept me very warm in all working and hiking conditions. I’ve received so many compliments on them and even inquiries of where people could buy them. And the cheek warmers are indispensable. I’ve worn them pretty much every day these past 6 weeks.”


You’re probably thinking…

Now you’re probably thinking “Great. Next time I’m vacationing in Antarctica, I’ll remember to pick a pair of these up…” But let’s not kid ourselves, Canada and northern United States can get pretty cold.

These gloves are equipped with a liner consisting of four separate layers of material:

  • Two Thinsulate™ and two foam-to-fleece laminate layers for unparalleled winter protection.
  • The liner is removed using velcro for easy drying.
  • Indispensable cheek warmers/nose wiper — stuck on with velcro for easy cleaning.

So whether your commute to work requires hiking through Antarctic tundra or just cleaning the snow off your car in Calgary, make sure you are wearing the right winter protection.


Not ready for the snow to fly?

Read our post “How to Stay Warm Like a Canadian” and get prepared.

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