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[Case Study] How Our Anti-Vibration Gloves Prevent HAVS

In 2015, Shawn L., a Superglass Windshield Repair manager contacted Superior Glove for help. Superglass specializes in repairing windshields using vibrating tools. Over the years, Shawn developed Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). He needed a glove that would protect him from the vibrations in the tools during the polishing and scratch removal process.

After speaking with one of our salespeople, Shawn was sent a sample of our Vibrastop™ Anti-Vibration Full-Finger Gloves. Shawn was so pleased with the performance of the glove that it was stocked in all 400 Superglass branches and was added to the training kit for new franchise owners.

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Vibrastop™ Anti-Vibration Full-Finger Gloves
Vibrastop™ Anti-Vibration Full-Finger Gloves


What is HAVS?

HAVS is the medical term for symptoms in the fingers, hands and arms caused by using vibrating tools.

Symptoms include:

  • Tingling and/or numbness in the hands and fingers.
  • Reduced mobility
  • Limited dexterity
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

As the symptoms progress, they become irreversible and simple tasks like pouring a glass of water become difficult.


What Causes HAVS?

HAVS is caused by repetitive use of hand-held vibrating tools, which transmit vibration to the body. A condition called white fingers develops first but advances to HAVS if exposure to vibrating tools continues.

White fingers is a disease where blood vessels in the fingers collapse due to repeated exposure to vibration. Skin and muscle tissue don’t get the oxygen they need and the tissue eventually dies. “HAVS is a more advanced condition, and the entire hand or arm may be affected by exposure to vibration,” according to OSHA.

Superglass Windshield Repair:

Before trying our Vibrastop™ gloves, Shawn would have to take a day off in between sanding or buffing to let his hands recover.

Shawn said he felt obligated to let the corporate office know about the injury because the business was growing and Shawn knew he wasn’t the only one feeling the affects of the tools. In an email, Shawn told us:

“I have tried many gloves to protect me, but most provided little to no protection and I would still be in pain days after. I can’t tell my customers that I can’t do something or reschedule their appointment, because that means poor service and loss of income. So I went on a mission to fix it.”

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