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Could This Glove Save You $200,000 as Well?

Nicknamed “The Beast”, this glove changed how gloves were purchased at one of The Big Three automotive manufacturers.

In the process, this glove also saved them over $200,000 a year!

the contender


The Problem:

Before finding the Beast, the auto manufacturing plant was using a competitor’s cut-resistant glove, but found that it wasn’t lasting long enough.

After two wash cycles, the glove would have to be thrown out and replaced. Though the glove itself wasn’t more than a few dollars a pair, the short lifespan was leading to higher- than-expected costs.

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The Solution:

To create a glove that met this automotive manufacturer’s needs, we combined four of the strongest fibers on Earth to maximize cut, abrasion and snag resistance.

We took Kevlar® yarn and reinforced it with steel, composite filament fiber and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for an incredible 4,400 grams of cut protection (ANSI level A7).

The facility could get eight washes out of the Beast, compared to the competition’s two wash cycles, equaling 300% better abrasion resistance.

This one simple decision to replace a glove that didn’t work with one that did equaled a cost savings of over $200,000 annually.


What Makes “The Beast” so Impressive?

Along with better abrasion resistance and higher cut resistance, The Beast also features:

  • Spandex for better comfort
  • Size-Lock™ to keep the glove from shrinking
  • Fully washable
  • Reinforced thumb for a longer life


Which Industries is “The Beast” Best Suited?

  • Automotive
  • Metal fabrication
  • Assembly

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the contender
the contender


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