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Why We Chose Carbon-Neutral Heating for Our New Factory

With the new warehouse expansion at our facility in Newfoundland, Canada, Superior Glove was able to make some sound decisions in terms of construction, design and efficiency.

Using sustainable renewable energy is just one part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

To that end, last week our new low-emission wood pellet boiler arrived in Point Leamington, Newfoundland. It will be the exclusive source of carbon-neutral heating for the whole glove factory.

montage of wood pellet boiler, wood pellets and 24 foot 40-ton capacity wood pellet silo


What is a Pellet Boiler?

Until recently, pellet boilers have been relatively unknown in North America.

Typically these heaters are used in European countries without fossil fuel resources of their own who have been leaders in the push toward renewable energy. 

Pellet boilers are suitable for people who are interested in saving money, lessening their environmental impact, and keeping their heating dollars close to home. (You can learn more here).

Our wood pellet boiler will be auger fed from a 24-foot high, 40-ton capacity silo outside the warehouse. It will heat water, which will heat the entire 58,000 square foot factory with forced-air water heaters. 

What’s interesting is that wood burning releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as was absorbed by the tree during growth. So it’s completely carbon neutral.


Sustaining the Regional Economy:

Another cool factor is that wood pellets help sustain the regional economy where we work and live. 

In our case, the wood pellets will come from very nearby Bishop Falls, NL, where there is a large kitchen cabinet company that generates waste wood chips in their production.

They press their wood waste into pellets that can be used in our Pelco wood pellet boiler. It is extremely clean-burning and self-cleaning.

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As you may or may not know, Superior Glove is a family-owned and operated Canadian business.

We pride ourselves in our ability to grow our business at home, with products manufactured in Canada.

Employing our neighbors, supporting our economy and providing quality hand protection to hard workers, is what we consider success. Whenever we can make a choice that aligns with our visions and values – we do so.

This sustainable way to heat another one of our factories and support the local economy surrounding it aligns perfectly with these company values.

Updated January 6, 2017 — Since the writing of this piece, the Point Leamington plant has increased from 58,000 to 70,000 square feet and a second Pelco wood pellet furnace has been added to handle the expansion.


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