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Career Focus | Springdale Team

Great people, great scenery, great food – and that’s simply the tip of the iceberg for life in Newfoundland!

Pictured (from left to right): Krista Cadet (Assistant Plant Manager), Dana Burt (Packer), Judy Giles-Warford (Packer), Laurie Downton (Thumbhole Serger), and Amanda Payne (Wrist Serger and Production).

One of the most beautiful places in Canada, Newfoundland is home to some incredible communities, and Springdale is among the most majestic. With a population of under 3,000, this picturesque town remains much as nature intended and the people maintain a community that is more like family than a town. Advertising small-town appeal with big-town services, Springdale is very much the quintessential Canadian community.

It was this family-like atmosphere and dedicated work ethic that drew Superior Glove to Springdale for the location of a new plant. While we are currently operating in temporary digs, the construction of a brand new facility is well underway – something our Springdale employees are greatly looking forward to!

As our premises grow, so too does our team and we are actively looking to welcome new members to our Springdale team. We had the opportunity to sit down with several Springdale employees to get the inside scoop on working at Superior Glove and life in Springdale.



If you’re looking for a challenging position and have an excellent memory, then packer may be the perfect fit for you!

According to Dana Burt and Judy Giles-Warford, this is not a position you can simply walk into. It requires a lot of training to gain the basic knowledge required to successfully complete the job and you will always be learning new things.

Packers must be product experts, knowing each product inside-out, what each color represents, and the intricate details of every glove and sleeve we produce (there are 3,500 and counting!). They are the last set of eyes and hands before the product reaches the customer, making packers our quality control champions.

“There’s a lot of work involved, much more than people realize, but it’s a highly rewarding position. We’re on the front lines, the last step before the product reaches the customer, and there is definitely a sense of accomplishment.”


Serger & Production

If you enjoy a great deal of variety in your work and being kept on your toes, this is the position for you.

Laurie Downton and Amanda Payne are both Sergers (Amanda is also a Production Associate) at our Springdale facility and they both agree the best part of their jobs (besides the people, of course!) is that they are always busy.

“It’s a very specialized position, which I think surprises a lot of people. It takes a great deal of skill and much like Packers, you must be very familiar with the myriad styles, sizes, and options we offer.”

A position in Production is equally as challenging and rewarding. It requires strategic planning abilities in order to figure out how much raw material will be required to produce the orders that need to be shipped as well as expert product knowledge.


Working at Superior Glove

Everyone agreed that what truly keeps them coming back is the fun, energetic atmosphere of working at Superior Glove.

“It’s a really great place to work. We have good pay, good hours, great benefits – and even better than all of that, the people are fantastic. Everyone gets along really well. Coming into work is something I look forward to!”

Pictured: The Springdale office in their pajamas in support of Pajamarama Day – a yearly charity event in support of the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Working in Springdale

If you get excited about a sense of community, a scenic drive to work, and sharing your workday with some of the friendliest people out there, then Springdale is the place for you!

Once you arrive, you can’t be considered a true Newfoundlander until you’ve been ‘screeched in’ – a time-honored tradition hosted by ‘Sunshine Susie’ that involves eating some Newfoundland food, dancing a jig, saying some authentic Newfoundland words, and the best part – smooching a cod fish! Don’t worry, you won’t go through all that for nothing. At the end, you’ll receive a certificate announcing your status as an honorary Newfoundlander!

Working in Springdale, you certainly won’t go hungry. Newfoundland is home to some of the most delicious foods Canada has to offer. How about the Newfoundland twist on a Canadian favorite – french fries covered in turkey stuffing and gravy! Or the classic Fishermen’s Brew, featuring fish, hard bread, and potatoes. How about a delectable pea pudding served with your dinner? Whatever your tastes, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy in Springdale.

Pictured: (Top) Fish and Brews and (bottom) a cooked supper.

We’re Hiring!

Like what you’ve read? Why not come and join us!

We’re hiring for lots of exciting positions, right now:

Serging, Packing, and Finishing Associate (Midnight Shift)

Human Resources & Office Administrator

Production Associate – Weekend Shift

Click the links to find out more and submit your resume!

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