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Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing Farming Gloves

Workers in the agriculture industry face all sorts of hazards — from mechanical and chemical dangers, to enduring the harsh outdoor elements.

243 agriculture workers suffer a lost-time work injury every day according to OSHA.

As many as 5 percent of these injuries result in a permanent disability or impairment. 

Farm agriculture safety gloves

Accident prevention is always better than accident rehabilitation — by asking these 4 questions, you can select the farming gloves to best protect you.


1. Is Cut, Puncture, or Abrasion Resistance Needed?

Some agricultural jobs pose a significant risk of tissue and skin damage from cuts, abrasions, and puncture hazards.

Sometimes, these dangers are found in handling the plant material, while others come from using agricultural equipment and tools.

General purpose gloves for agriculture offer a nice balance of protection and dexterity.

Many our gloves offer medium to high cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance, however, the amount of protection you need will depend on which of these are a risk in your application, as well as the severity of the hazard(s).

If you think something in the mid-range would work for you, our STAGPN combine good grip and dexterity with puncture, cut and abrasion resistance.

TenActiv™ 13-Gauge Cut-Resistant Gloves With Micropore Nitrile Grip Product ID: STAGPN
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2. Do I Need Protection Against Chemicals?

Pesticides, fuels, and many other chemicals put workers at risk of allergic reactions, chemical burns, and illnesses.

Since there’s a significant risk of exposure to these hazards in the agricultural industry, it’s very important to make sure that you’re wearing the right chemical-resistant gloves.

We offer a large selection of chemical-resistant gloves for agriculture.

One of our favorite agriculture glove options is the S15KGV30N.

This glove features:

  • A red PVC base with nitrile overlay for optimal chemical protection.
  • Black nitrile is texturized for better wet grip.
  • Fully Kevlar®-lined for 360° cut protection.

Chemstop™ Extreme Comfort PVC Gloves With Kevlar® Liner and Full Nitrile Coating Product ID: S15KGV30N

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3. Do I Need Dexterity to Help Me Get the Job Done?

Part of accident prevention also involves maintaining a good range of hand motion while you’re on job.

Some tasks require more dexterity than others.

If you’re looking for a pair of lightweight gloves that offer great dexterity, our new line-up of Clutch Gear® mechanics gloves are form-fitting, breathable, and flexible.


4. Will These Gloves Protect My Hands from the Elements?

Winter and summer hazards differ, but they can both put workers in extreme situations.

In cold weather, your range of motion can be impaired if your hands get too cold, and moisture can actually amplify that effect. Frostbite is also a high risk in extreme temperatures.

It’s important to make sure that the gloves you choose are well-suited to the weather conditions of the time of year — especially when the bulk of your work is outside.

Every industry has its own unique set of hazards and dexterity requirements, and sometimes those change depending on the season.

However, since we’ve got thousands of different styles for you to choose from, we’re confident that we’ve got agriculture gloves that will keep your hands protected — no matter which season it is! Crafting breathable, moisture-wicking, lightweight gloves that don’t skimp on hand protection is one of our specialties.

And, no need to worry — we also have lots of options for when the weather turns bitter cold, too.


Want more agriculture glove options?

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