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[Success Story] Why Layfield Canada Ltd. Loves Our Construction Gloves!

If you’ve ever had to work construction in the winter, you know that not all gloves are created equal. That’s why we’re so delighted to share this fantastic story from Layfield Canada Ltd. about our winter construction gloves, 378KGTVB.

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Why Layfield Construction Loved This Glove:

Layfield Construction loved this glove because it was an all-in-one solution to their needs.

Key Features of 378KGTVB:

  • Anti-impact backing will protect you from knocks and bumps
  • Gel-padded palm reduced vibration from pneumatic tools
  • Kevlar® liner for ANSI level A5 cut protection
  • Thinsulate™ lining for cold protection down to -20°C (-4°F)

Dennis K., Layfield’s Operations Manager explained it this way:

“This glove provided the water resistance my crews need in the winter months, so I don’t need to supply more than one set when the first set gets wet.”

Why You’ll Love These Winter Construction Gloves:

Crafted with high performing goatskin leather and Kevlar®, these heavy-duty gloves are not only extremely sturdy, but they also provide impressive ANSI level A5 cut protection, reliable protection against vibrations and impacts, and are oil and water repellent. And, because of their Thinsulate™ lining, they’re the perfect winter construction gloves.


Who is Layfield Canada Ltd.?

Layfield Canada Ltd. is a Canadian company that works with contractors, engineers, and end users in order to design and manufacture products that will help protect our environment, such as geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics. Because they make such a wide variety of different products, they have a lot of employees who work in construction roles. As such, these workers require durable, heavy-duty hand protection that will protect their hands from the various hazards and demands of their jobs. Because of this, we thought that our winter construction gloves would be a great fit for them, and recommended that they take a few pairs of these heavy duty gloves for a test drive.

Here’s what Layfield Canada Ltd. employees had to say about our gloves:

“The performance of the glove’s dexterity with the anti-impact backing and the vibration padding in the palm was second to NONE!”


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Endura® Kevlar® and Thinsulate™-Lined Anti-Impact Goatskin Driver Gloves Product ID: 378KGTVB
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