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Contest: Cool Glove Giveaway!

What’s better than Freezies in the summer? FREEBIES!

Enter our “Cool Glove Giveaway!”

This summer, we’re giving you the chance to stay cool (or start being cool?). So what are the cool cats doing these days? They’re on Google+. (And I know this because my 8-year-old told me so. And yes, I realize I used the term “cool cats” which makes me ineligible for a cool factor contest.)

We will be randomly selecting 10 people who follow Superior Glove on Google+.  So go click “Follow” or go set up an account and find Superior Glove. And don’t worry, setting up a Google+ account is extremely fast and easy (And I know this because my 8-year-old set mine up.)

Only 1 Step to Enter: Follow Us on Google+

So what is this cool glove you ask? Have a look…

This Superior Touch® 13-gauge knit made with Dyneema® features polyurethane-coated palms for awesome grip. Not only is Dyneema® one of the strongest fibers in the world, but it is also cool on the skin – making these gloves perfect for hot summer months or hot working conditions.

So get cool, stay cool… whatever it is you’re after – follow Superior Glove on Google+ for your chance to win these cool gloves!


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