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These Zamboni Drivers Scored With Our Cut Protective Gloves and Sleeves

If you happen to find yourself in a chilly hockey arena in Quebec one of these days, be sure to have a close look at the Zamboni driver.

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I know, I know — that’s usually the time when you’re running to the bathroom between periods or grabbing a hot dog and a beer. But, if you do stay to watch the Zamboni, there’s a good chance you’ll catch a glimpse of our hand and arm protection.


Finding the Perfect Safety Gear

The City of Acton Vale approached us with the task of finding the perfect safety gear for their Zamboni drivers.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, Superior Glove couldn’t be happier to supply all Quebec ice resurfacing machine operators (aka. Zamboni drivers) with our gloves. The game we love requires a lot of behind-the-scenes support, and ice maintenance is one of them. These drivers require arm and hand protection that was not only flexible, but that will provide them with an unparalleled level of cut resistance.

Stéphane C., The City of Vale’s Director of Cultural and Athletic Services explained it this way:

“Replacing the blades on the ice-resurfacing machines can prove to be a very dangerous task. These blades, which are both sharp and heavy, exposed our workers to a high risk of cutting injuries.”

Because of these specific requirements we suggested these products:


To Protect the Zamboni Drivers’ Hands:

Emerald CX® 10-Gauge Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm
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Why it’s a good choice:

  • Medium gauge yarn for a good balance of dexterity and abrasion resistance
  • Yarn is a blend of steel and composite filament fiber for a high amount of cut protection
  • Foam nitrile palm offers great grip in wet conditions


To Protect the Zamboni Drivers’ Arms:

Contender™ Flame-Retardant Sleeves with STAYz-UP™ Armbands
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Why it’s a good choice:

  • Blended yarn provides a high degree of cut protection
  • Fully washable
  • Available in full arm protection
  • Elasticized STAYz-UP™ armbands hold sleeves in place for improved comfort

Here’s what Stéphane had to say about the experience:

“It was important for us to offer safety equipment that enabled them to perform their tasks safely. Thanks to the expertise of Superior Glove representatives, we were able to offer our workers gloves and sleeves that met our expectations.”

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