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Does your Industry Require Cut Resistant Sleeves?

does your industry require cut resistant sleeves?

The short answer: If you work in an industry where cut risks are present you need sleeves! Cut-resistant sleeves pick up where your gloves stop.

Choose the sleeve’s length, thickness and flexibility based on the application’s demands.

Thanks to the options available on the market, there’s a correct sleeve for your workplace.

Any job where you routinely come into contact with sharp hazards means your arms are at risk.

You can think of sleeves as a trusty sidekick to cut-resistant gloves. They give you the coverage and protection you need in the workplace.

Here are some of the industries where cut-resistant sleeves are an absolute must:

1. Metal Stamping, Glass Plants, and Sharp-Edge Objects:

When your job involves handling glass, stamped metal, or any other type of sharp-edged object, cuts are a constant concern. For this reason, you should try our SLKW: Superior® Protective Kevlar® Sleeves. Thanks to the high-performing Kevlar® featured in both the wrist and forearm areas, these sleeves offer reliable cut resistance and comfort — all in one product.

With this style, the knit cuff fits snugly at the wrist, and the sleeve body is looser. And, thanks to Kevlar®’s durability, these sleeves will hold up to lots of on-the-job abuse. And, even though the forearm doesn’t cling to you, it won’t slide down and leave your arms exposed.

Expect durable ANSI level A2 cut protection from these sleeves. For added convenience, they’re available in both 7- and 8-inch lengths without a thumbhole, as well as in a 7-inch length with thumbholes.

2. Metal Handling, Automotive, Metal Fabrication, and Glass Handling:

does your industry require cut resistant sleeves?

Looking for sleeves designed specifically for the forearm area? Our SLNM7V: Ballistic Nylon Mesh Sleeves with Velcro® Closures stay put, and never sag or bunch up. They’re tough, and they’re different from pull-on sleeves. The nylon mesh is semi-rigid for all-day protection – plus cool and breathable for all-day comfort. Light-to-medium cuts and abrasions are no match against these sleeves!

Thanks to their Velcro® closures, these 9-inch sleeves are easy to take on and off. And, if you need abrasion protection, they could be your next favorite sleeves.


3. Welding and the Oil and Gas Industries:

does your industry require cut resistant sleeves?

When it comes to staying safe on the job, sometimes cut resistance is only part of the concern. In both the Welding and Oil and Gas industries, you also need reliable protection against burns. Our K1T2E22TH: Contender™ Aramid Cut-Resistant Composite-Knit Sleeves with STAYz-UP™ Armbands were born to fill that role. With excellent ANSI level A2 cut protection, these sleeves will keep your arms protected from sharp cut hazards. And, thanks to their outer layer of aramid-encased, composite filament fiber yarn, these sleeves will not melt, burn, or drip – meaning that they’re perfect for welding applications. And, as an added bonus, these popular sleeves also feature our very own STAYz-UP™ armband technology to make sure that they’ll stay firmly in place while you’re hard at work.

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