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These Protective Sleeves Improved Worker Compliance Tenfold

Parker Hannifin Corp, a manufacturer of products for industrial, hydraulic, and aerospace applications that facilitate motion and help control the flow of liquids and gasses for a wide variety of industries, had a big problem: their workers hated wearing their assigned protective sleeves. The sleeves made the workers so hot and itchy that they opted to wear cut off cotton tube socks instead! Evidently, this was a pretty major issue: sure, the workers’ arms were more comfortable, but they were no longer protected from the dangerous cut hazards in their workplace.

Daryl, the company’s Sr. Facility EHS Specialist, knew that something had to be done immediately, so he approached us for help. Now, we’re proud to say that the workers in his facility are all happily wearing our KPW: Cutban™ Black Stockinette Cut-Resistant Sleeves. Knit with a durable, high-tenacity filament yarn, these protective sleeves are extremely comfortable to wear AND offer ASTM level 2 cut resistance and 925 grams of cut protection.

“We tried at least five other sleeves before these ones!” Daryl exclaimed. He also told us that the first thing that the workers said when they tried them on was, “They’re so soft!”

We’re so happy that we could help you find a solution that was suitable for the workers at your company, Daryl! We’re so happy to hear that worker compliance is no longer an issue.

Are you having a worker compliance issue with sleeves in your workplace? Have your workers tried our Cutban™ protective sleeves yet? Did you know that you can request a free sample? Just click the button below!

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