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Superior Glove Partners with Impact Protection Specialists D3O®


Although they’re tough, your hands are not indestructible. Protect your hands from the hardest impacts with D3O® technology.

Superior Glove is very excited to announce our business partnership with world-renowned impact protection and shock absorption specialists, D3O®.

anti-impact gloves with d3o backings
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What is D3O®

D3O® is known for the unparalleled level of protection that it provides against severe impact hazards. Recognizable by its bright orange color, D3O® is unlike any other material in the impact protection field. This material is used in everything from military helmets to football gear and hockey equipment.

How Does D3O® Work?

In its natural form, D3O® is a free-flowing liquid that is soft and flexible — almost like a viscous putty. But when impact hits, the molecules in the liquid rapidly bind together to form a solid block. This absorbs the energy from the impact and moves it away from your body to prevent bruising and injury.

How Does It Improve Superior Glove Products?

Up until now, the best option for back-of-hand protection was thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Like we covered in our post “8 Things to Look for When Choosing Anti-Impact Gloves” TPR is excellent for protecting you from knuckle bashing and pinch points. But for high impact, it left something to be desired. Our anti-impact glove MXD3O (pictured above) had a 54% improvement in impact protection compared to competitor styles.

See the MXD3O in Action Below!

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