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[Case Study] A Hypodermic Needle-Resistant Glove to Keep Healthcare Workers Safe

Hypodermic needles are one of the worst threats workers face on a daily basis.

The risk of damaging your skin from a needle puncture is bad enough, but add contracting a blood-borne pathogen like HIV on top of that, it becomes an awful scenario.

Double-gloving is not good enough.

Recently, our territory manager Darren Phillips, along with Kirk Peakman, an account manager for Acklands-Grainger had to solve this issue.


“This glove will help many employees at the hospital, from the janitorial staff emptying garbage cans to the nurses cleaning up the rooms.” – Kirk Peakman


The Challenge:

Workers at a local hospital in Saskatchewan were finding used, uncapped hypodermic needles around the hospital — in garbage cans, bedding and washrooms. This placed workers at risk when doing searches or cleaning.

Blood-borne pathogens are always a risk with used needles, but the hospital is located a high-risk region for HIV.

The hospital’s Environmental Health and Safety committee needed to find a solution that would keep a variety of workers safe from needle sticks without limiting their dexterity.

The ability for workers to easily move their hands in the glove was critical because people won’t wear something that slows down their workday.

Kirk was contacted by the hospital’s EHS committee, purchasing clerk and manager of operations after used needles were found scattered around the hospital grounds.

He needed to come up with a solution to protect workers from injury and disease but would still let employees easily do their jobs.


The Process to Find a Solution:

After discussing the issues with the hospital’s purchasing clerk and manager of operations, Kirk collected glove options from several manufacturers, including Superior Glove. In total, Kirk sent 14 gloves for the hospital to review. The committee narrowed their search down to five gloves based on these characteristics:

  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Puncture protection
  • Ability to complete jobs

Superior Glove territory manager, Darren, worked closely with Kirk to make sure that we found the best option that would meet their criteria and their budget.


The Solution:

The glove needed to be worn by a variety of workers, from the janitorial staff emptying garages to the nurses cleaning rooms.

The committee decided that our Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Mechanics Glove Fully Lined with Punkban™ was the best choice because it gave workers a balance of protection and dexterity.


What Assisted in this Success

The strong relationship between Superior Glove and Acklands-Grainger.

The two companies kept communication lines open to make sure that the hospital was provided with a product that would effectively protect employees without limiting hand movement.

When everyone is working together with the best interest of the customer in mind, it’s a recipe for success.


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Note: Testimonial used with permission from Ashling Boyd and Ben Mussell of Acklands-Grainger.


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