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Employee Spotlight – Anne, Our Senior Graphic Designer

At Superior Glove we have some outstanding employees. Superior Glove decided to lift the veil and introduce our readers to the people that make us who we are. We choose to feature those outstanding employees with a blog dedicated to them, introducing the Employee Spotlight.

Our very first employee spotlight will feature our Senior Graphic Designer, Anne.


Anne has been working for Superior Glove for 11 years, and she is our most recent recipient of our Golden Glove Award. The Golden Glove Award goes to someone who goes above and beyond, that certainly is our Anne. She is here early and is one of the last ones to leave, she’s always willing to do whatever it takes to create and design artwork that is without a doubt amazing. Anne is an all-around fantastic person to work with on the day-to-day.

When she started out here, it had been a while since she had used her graphic design abilities. With the support of Superior Glove’s President Tony, and Vice President Joe, she was encouraged to take courses to polish her skills and become the graphic designer she is today.


What is a Normal Day for You?

As a graphic designer, I get to create meaningful designs that communicate on a visual, intellectual, and emotional level. It is the joy of being creative and having someone pay me to do what I love.

The reality of that dream is that it can come with a high price on the creative soul. An example of this is when I send my designs or my artwork out to the masses. I get so much feedback and sometimes that feedback isn’t positive. It can be tough to handle, and you have to grow a thick skin when it comes to receiving the negative feedback.


How Would You Explain Your Job to a Child?

Here at Superior Glove, I am lucky enough to be the senior graphic designer, and I LOVE what I do. Describing my job to a child brings me back to the story of my son, and his description he gave to his grade one class mates was “My mom colors all day.” He summed it up pretty good.
Colouring Book


What Inspires You?

Everything that is visual inspires me. From looking at creative branding when shopping, my surroundings outside, to anything that is online like Pinterest, Getty Images, creative blogs, and websites.


If You Could Switch Jobs With Anyone Here, Who and Why?

I would never change jobs. No job would ever be as satisfying for me as what I do every day. I love that every day, and all day I get to be creative. It’s exciting to see the reaction on people’s faces when they see my work.


What’s the Funniest Thing That has Happened to You Recently?

The one thing that every woman DREADS … The back of her skirt tucked into her undies. Enough said!
underwear in the wind

We love Anne, and she is special to us. 

Stay tuned for our next Employee Spotlight coming in the next couple of weeks.

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