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4 Unbelievable Automotive Gloves You Need in Your Life

In our expert interview with automotive specialist Derek Coughlin, he said “automotive is a challenge but it’s also one of the biggest opportunities for innovation.” If you work in the automotive industry, chances are you’re encountering lots of hazards on a daily basis. Whether you’re a mechanic, assembly line worker or a metal stamper, you may be dealing with grease, sharp objects or chemicals all in the same day. With that in mind, we sorted through the dozens of automotive gloves we manufacture and selected four of our favorites.


Auto Body Repair:

If you spend your days in a body shop, you’ll definitely want to check these beauties out. The reason? Because they have an amazing 3510 grams of cut protection (ANSI level A6) but they also have a cotton liner to limit heat transfer.

More reasons to love them:

  • Fully washable and shrink resistant
  • TenActiv™ yarn gives gloves a cool feel against the skin
  • Good abrasion resistance


Emerald CX® Glove with TenActiv™/Steel/Composite Filament and Treated with Size-Lock™
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Automotive Assembly:

These award-winning black Kevlar® gloves are a fantastic option for auto assembly and metal stamping. ANSI level A5 cut protection and level 3 abrasion resistance make these gloves a reliable and durable hand protection option. The black Kevlar® knit is also great at hiding dirt and grease stains – meaning that they’ll still look sharp between washes.

More reasons to love them:

  • Passed a 10-second flame test, making it suitable for jobs with heat and spark
  • Kevlar® will not ignite or melt if exposed to flame
  • Excellent comfort, dexterity and fit

Contender™ Heavyweight Cut-Resistant Black Kevlar® Glove Product ID: SBKG
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Assembly Line:

The two main reasons why you’ll love these gloves if you’re working on an assembly line are the TenActiv™ string-knit shell and the grey polyurethane palm coating. TenActiv™ is cool to the touch and moisture wicking, so you won’t overheat and sweat won’t pool under the glove. Polyurethane (PU) is the coating of choice for anyone working in assembly because it has the highest tactile feel. PU is also non-shedding, so it won’t contaminant whatever pieces you’re putting together.

TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with Grey PU-Coated Palms Product ID: S13TAGPU
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More reasons to love them:

  • ANSI level A2 cut resistance
  • 13-gauge yarn isn’t bulky
  • Comes in sizes 5 to 12; meaning you can outfit your whole team!

Metal Fabrication:

These works-of-art revolutionized the glove industry. They were the first gloves to be paper thin but have high cut protection, which you can read more about here. With 1617 grams of cut protection (ANSI level A4), these gloves offer more protection than the barehand feel would lead you to think. Black foam nitrile palm coating increases your grip in wet and oily conditions by acting like a sponge.

TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber Level-A4 Cut-Resistant Knit with Foam Nitrile Palms Product ID: S18TAFGFN
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More reasons to love them:

  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Fully washable and treated with Ultra-Fresh to achieve 99.9% antimicrobial status
  • Available in 3/4 foam nitrile dip as well

So there you have it: our four favorite highly-recommended automotive glove options. If you’d like to try any of these gloves, click the “get my sample” button to get started.


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That’s okay too. The path to finding the perfect work glove can sometimes be long and winding, you may also find this infographic very helpful.

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