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Thought Leader Series: How to Get Everyone Wearing Safety Gear

Safety is a priority for any job. Safety protocol and proper equipment is important, as well as personal protective equipment, or PPE. There are, however, some workers who are reluctant to wear safety gear, including safety gloves. They could claim it is uncomfortable, limits their mobility, or is unnecessary. The truth is, it’s absolutely crucial to wear safety gloves on certain job sites.

Here are some effective tips to get your workers to wear their safety gloves.

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1. Educate

Training employees on the dangers of the job will help inform them of the need for safety gloves. Give proper training on how to use, where to use, and when to discard safety gloves. It’s important to show examples of when gloves should be used and possibly provide an instance of when a worker didn’t wear his or her safety gloves. When workers can see what happens when proper safety isn’t followed, they’ll think twice before skipping the gloves.

2. Comfort

It’s difficult for anyone to wear anything that is uncomfortable. Ensure that gloves are for the correct jobs and make sure they fit. Safety gloves can’t be lumped into a “one size fits all” category because your workers aren’t just one size. Allow for a variety of sizes and colors and make sure there are specific gloves available for specific jobs to ensure the highest level of protection.

3. Communication

When you see that your workers aren’t wearing their PPE, specifically their work gloves, it’s important to know why. Having open communication with your crew can let you in as to why they refuse, or forget, to wear their gloves. Ask your workers directly or offer an anonymous suggestion box to learn what the problem is, and be sure to find a effective solution.

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4. Law

PPE use isn’t just as a suggestion. It’s the law that certain equipment is worn on particular job site and during different tasks. Remind your workers that you are responsible for ensuring they wear their safety gear. You can also make it an employment requirement in the hiring contract. If they refuse to wear their work gloves, or any other safety gear, they are not compliant with the job specifications and are liable to be fired. Though it may seem harsh, a worker’s safety and that of their fellow employees is top priority.

5. Vigilance

Since you are responsible for the crew wearing their safety gloves, you have to be vigilant in enforcing it. Schedule walks throughout the work site during shifts. When your employees see they are being monitored, they will know that they must wear their safety gloves. After they are consistently wearing their gear, it then becomes a habit and they’re likely to continue with less monitoring.

6. Incentive

Employees don’t have to be threatened or monitored to be encouraged to wear safety gloves. Give bonuses to employees who consistently show proper safety and always wear required safety gear. Keep a sign that tracks the days without incident. When employees are given positive reinforcement, they will wear their safety gloves more often.

Safety is important on a job site, and employees need to remember that their safety as well as their co-workers is their responsibility. Encouraging employees and enforcing the rules are great ways to keep employees safe.

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