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Happy 170th Birthday, Thomas Edison

Every year, on (or around) February 11th, we celebrate Thomas Edison’s birthday.

It’s always enjoyable to see the faces of the new employees experiencing their first Edison birthday. It’s a mixture of excitement — for cake — and confusion for why we’re celebrating the birthday of a man whose name everyone has heard but never really given a second thought to.

We don’t celebrate his birthday just because any excuse for cake is a good excuse for cake, either. It’s because it gives us an opportunity to pay our respects to Edison for his ingenuity and his innovative spirit.

Innovation is at the forefront of our operations at Superior Glove.

Not surprisingly, there is no official symbol for 170th anniversaries. After 75, every year is awarded the diamond because it means unconquerable or enduring. That seems pretty fitting, since 170 years later, Superior Glove still celebrates the man, the legend: Thomas Edison.

What is Edison famous for?

  • The motion picture camera.
  • The incandescent light bulb.
  • The phonograph.

That’s his highlight reel, but Edison holds 1,093 patents in the US alone.

Edison was unique for the way he assembled teams of leaders to accomplish jobs, including scientists, engineers and machinists. He fostered ideas from the early stages to prototyping and evaluation. These are the reasons that we admire Edison.

To stay at the forefront of glove development, we can never quit experimenting and exploring to see if there are new ways or new technologies that can improve our products and, as a result, the jobs of the people who wear our products.

This interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics needs to be nurtured from a young age, which is why Superior Glove is so deeply involved in the Scientists in Schools program. It brings ecologists, physicists, engineers and more into the classrooms to make learning fun and promote STEM programs to children.

It is our innovation and our collaborative spirit that fuels our pursuit of excellence. In 2016, we won two DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Awards, the NSC Best in Show New Product of the Year Award and two ISHN Readers’ Choice Awards.

So while we unintentionally thank Edison every day for his inventive mind, we want to take the opportunity to inform first time Edison birthday attendees and remind returning guests of all that Edison means… and we love cake.

Happy birthday, Thomas Edison!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison


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