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The Hi-Viz Sleeve You Should be Wearing

With all of this talk about the benefits of wearing high visibility PPE in the workplace, how could we not take the time to talk about our most popular high-visibility sleeve: the SLPB9TH?

Worker wearing high visibility vest sweeping the floor at a recycling plant.

When you wear these sleeves, you’ll feel like the Hulk — and not just because of the attractive green colour! Crafted with Punkban™ ─ a light and supple fabric that we make in-house using a special, pioneered spinning and weaving method ─ these sleeves are tough enough to withstand even the deadliest of puncture hazards! Many people prefer Punkban™ over other puncture-resistant materials since it provides them with the puncture protection they require – without limiting their range of movement. We get it: dexterity is always a plus!

Along with superior puncture protection, our SLPB9TH sleeves also offer a number of other benefits in the workplace. Here’s a breakdown of the many advantages that they offer:

  • Impressive ANSI level 4 puncture protection
  • Excellent ANSI level A3 cut resistance, at 1981 grams of cut protection
  • Great protection against abrasion risks
  • Adjustable Velcro® closure for a superb fit
  • Excellent forearm coverage
  • Fluorescent green colour increases visibility in the workplace to keep workers safer

Thanks to all of these features, this sleeve is an excellent choice for many different industries and applications — including automotive, metal handling, metal fabrication, and glass handling. Don’t let their fun colour fool you: these sleeves offer heavy duty protection against multiple workplace threats.

Wondering if these sleeves might be right for you? Did you know we offer free samples of our products to qualified businesses? That way you can take the product into your own hands (literally) and see if they work for you!

Discover what a difference making the switch to high visibility PPE can make: request a free sample of our SLPB9TH sleeves now!

Superior Glove product #SLPB9TH - high visibility green sleeve with Punkban puncture protection.


(Not sure how much puncture protection you need to get the job done safely? Check out our infographic.)

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