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How Can a Glove Trial Protect Your Team?

Let’s face it: Finding a work glove supplier isn’t all that difficult.

What you might not realize is that getting in touch with a PPE supplier is only one of the many steps that should be taken in order to make sure that you’ve developed an effective PPE program in your workplace.

Safety is a concern every single time your employees are at work, which means that safety takes a lot of dedication and effort.


Buying gloves that will keep your workers’ hands safe is only part of being a safety advocate in your workplace.


Effective PPE programs involve more than just buying a pair of gloves

We want to be involved in your PPE program… if you’ll have us.

What we don’t want to do is mail out a catalog, throw a few samples your way and forget about you.

We want to make sure that the gloves you’ve requested are the best ones for your workplace for two reasons:

  1. If the gloves match your needs, we want to help you find a distributor in your area.
  2. If the gloves don’t match your needs, we want to help you find other options.


The Superior Advocate Partnership Program

Superior Glove is a second-generation family-owned company, so family is important to us. We treat our customers like we would treat our family members.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you improve the level of safety in your workplace.

For this reason, when you partner with us, you’ll get so much more than you would with the average glove supplier:

  • You’ll get the support of our dedicated glove experts.
  • Useful training and educational resources.
  • You’ll have piece of mind knowing that your workers are wearing the work gloves that will offer them the greatest amount of support for your application and industry.

If you haven’t taken advantage of our glove trials yet, here’s what you can expect from the program.


4 Reasons to Consider a Glove Trial


1. We’ll Help You Evaluate the Success of Your Current PPE Program

The first step of our glove trial will be to schedule a meeting with you so that we can get together, assess your current PPE program, and establish company safety goals.

We will work together to determine what’s already working and offer detailed suggestions for improvement.

If you’re in the market for different work gloves for your company, chances are it’s because your current program has some room for improvement.


See how this program reduced hand injuries by 84%.

These improvements range from compliance issues to poor protection to high injury rates.

Starting the conversation is the first step to improving your PPE program.


Why it Works:

Merely replacing what you have with another pair of gloves won’t necessarily solve safety problems in your workplace.

The only way to do that is by narrowing in to define clearer goals, determine the pros and cons of your current program, and establish whether or not the gloves that your workers are currently wearing are actually working for them.

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2. We’ll Help You Develop a More Effective Strategy

This means creating a plan of action. Using the information from our glove trial and assessment of your current program, we’ll work together to develop a clear strategy for moving forward.

This blueprint will not only identify the areas that are most in need of improvement, but will also help make the transition to a more effective program go much more smoothly.

Combining our expertise in safer work gloves and your expertise with company goals and operations, we will find the most efficient and effective strategy.


Why it Works:

Before we can make recommendations, both teams need to establish goals and concise parameters. (That’s the shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be).


3. We’ll Work With You to Fine-Tune Your Plan

Monitoring the program and making adjustments as needed are two of the most critical elements to make the partnership a success.

There may be unforeseen issues that emerge after a program is implemented. This fine-tuning is what separates a lackluster program from one that works and that your team will be happy to adopt.

Using a schedule that we’ve previously agreed upon, we’ll periodically evaluate performance and compare it with the past to identify what’s successful and what needs an adjustment.

We communicate with different staff members within your company to ensure that every department’s safety goals are considered and appropriately addressed.


Why it Works:

The only way to really know whether a program is right is to put it in action. That’s where successes can be celebrated and issues can be identified and corrected.

Like our glove trial specialist Michael Johannesson points out in The 7 Dangers of Rogue Glove Buying “communication is key in every step of the process because it keeps everyone in the loop and makes for a happier experience.”


4. We’ll Keep in Touch!

Our communication won’t stop because we’ve conducted the glove trial and determined areas of improvement.

We’ll check in periodically (and are ALWAYS available by phone/email) to make sure the program is running smoothly and provide solutions as needed.

That’s why we’ll schedule regular follow-up visits and help you adjust your program along the way. (Don’t worry — we’re not going anywhere!)


Why it Works:

New products and technology may emerge that make better gloves and sleeves or your company’s operations might change. Follow-up visits provide long term fine-tuning.


Ready to create a safer workplace?

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