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How Soon Do Your Employees Return From a Workplace Accident?

It’s not often that we get a glowing review of our gloves after someone has required stitches.


But it’s not often that we get to hear this type of story.

Jorge Carrasquilla is the Safety Manager for List Industries and has worked for the company for nine and a half years.

“We make lockers. We take the raw steel and turn it into lockers for students, workers, and athletes.”

“In the area where the accident happened they make lockers doors. There’s a lot of handling raw steel that’s been cut and shaved.”

At this stage the doors have razor sharp edges.


And that’s how a worker was cut.

“He cut his hand around the thumb area and it was deep enough that you could see the tendon,” Jorge said. “The doctor was hoping that there wouldn’t be any tendon damage and fortunately there wasn’t, but it was pretty deep. Fortunately he was wearing your gloves”

When I spoke to Jorge he was enthusiastic about how well the glove worked. Before I spoke with Jorge on the phone, he sent one of our Inside Sales reps this quote:


“I do believe that these gloves [STACXPNRT] saved one of our employees from what could have been a serious hand injury. But the gloves did their job and it turned out to be just some stitches. Our accident rate has dropped substantially thanks to the Superior gloves we are currently using. I can finally focus on other issues that I need to take care of. Thank you so much for your help!”


It wasn’t until I spoke with Jorge on the phone that I understood why…

The employee received 7 stitches because of the accident but he was back to work the next day.

“He actually didn’t miss any time. I don’t think a lot of people understand how great this is. He was able to come right back to work. Of course, he didn’t return that same day, he took the rest of the day off and had the weekend off [he ordinarily works Saturdays as well]. But he was able to come back on Monday and except for some minor restrictions that he applied, he was working like nothing happened.”


Normally people don’t have this opportunity

9 days off work was the median in 2016 following an accident according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Once the employee does return, he or she will be placed on modified duties, which is a frustration for safety managers like Jorge.

“We can’t always accommodate those restrictions and so the employee had to stay at home until he was in better shape that we could accommodate the restrictions given by the doctor. If we can’t accommodate he has to stay home and we have to pay for that.”


Superior Glove helped improved compliance at List:

Jorge started searching for new options because there were accidents from their old glove — a glove that didn’t offer cut protection.

Jorge saw a trend developing with a high increase of hand injuries in the door making department, some injuries were severe enough to require hand surgery and that’s when he reached out to Superior Glove.

Our Glove Experts worked with Jorge to decide on the best glove option, and then sent out samples of these TenActiv™ High Cut Gloves.

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We nicknamed this “The Unicorn of Gloves” because it’s majestic.

  • ANSI level A7 cut protection
  • Micropore nitrile palm coating for better grip
  • TenActiv™ yarn for insane comfort

Jorge says that there’s been more compliance with these new gloves. “Ever since we introduced these Superior Gloves they like them, they wear them and they feel that they can handle the material and they feel protected.”

Now employees come back quicker, it helps our insurance rates, and the human factor that our employees are going to be safe and avoid an injury where they might not be the same again. With tendon issues, they might not heel properly and you might not have the same range of motion after. That’s the real factor there, that’s most important, it won’t be a life changing injury.


2 of every 5 work hand injuries are from cuts & punctures

Learn other eye-opening statistics about hand injuries.


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