November 16, 2016 | Joe Geng |

[Infographic] Guide to Understanding Thermal Heat

You need to read this if you have ever asked these questions:

•    What are the most heat resistant materials?

•    What are heat resistant gloves made of?

•    What temperature is this glove rated to?


Finding answers to heat-related questions is time consuming. It means sticking your nose in standards and guidelines, looking at facts and figures and trying to decide which glove best fits your needs.

Well, we did the research for you!  And then, we packed it all into this handy thermal heat infographic: The Guide to Understanding Which Heat Level I Should Choose.

For additional information, check out our Beginners Guide to Heat Resistance.


Guide to understanding which heat level should I choose?


Still not sure which heat-resistant glove is right for you and your work hazards/environment? Contact us: We’re happy to help!

Download a Copy of the Infographic

Download our Guide to understanding heat levels as a PDF

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