September 2, 2016 | Julie |

Happy Labour Day Weekend!

As the long weekend approaches, we wanted to wish all of our readers a very happy (and safe!) Labour Day weekend!


While most of us think of Labour Day as an excuse to kick back, fire up the ol’ BBQ, and enjoy the last long weekend of summer before the cold front rolls in, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of the very first Labour Day back in 1882.

As a company that is dedicated to keeping workers safe while they’re hard at work, this holiday is extra special to all of us here at Superior Glove. For those who don’t know, Labour Day was originally established as a holiday in order to recognize all of the incredible contributions that workers have made to the workforce over the years. It’s a time to thank workers in every field and industry for all of their tireless work and all of the long hours they’ve clocked. It’s a day to reflect on all the valuable contributions that workers have made to the world around them that will impact others for many years to come.

So, to all of our valued customers, distributors, partners, and of course, our friends and family, on behalf of everyone at Superior Glove, we wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work! We wish you an extremely happy, restful, and safe Labour Day Weekend.

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