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Not Just Kid Stuff: How Mittens Can Save Your Life

When you think about mittens, you probably think about kids. You see kids wearing them, and you more than likely wore some yourself back in the day. But not all mitts are made for the pint-size crowd. Some are high-performance PPE that help protect hands against the most brutal and severe weather conditions.


Here’s what you can expect from this style of cold weather hand protection that has a rather devoted following.

Mittens Keep Hands Warmer Than Gloves

The jury is still out, which really means that people love to debate, but there are plenty of arguments for mittens as winter weather PPE. The logic is plausible, too. When you wear gloves, each finger is individually insulated. That’s a good thing, but it might not be as good as grouping fingers together.

With mittens, the theory goes that each digit benefits from the heat of the others around it. Just as a room full of people tends to be warmer than a room with just one person, a mitten full of fingers has more body heat inside. There’s also more surface area to transfer heat with gloves. Wear mitts, and more heat stays inside.


Dexterity Isn’t Always Vital

If you’re assembling miniature parts or sorting bolts outdoors in weather that’s well below freezing, it’s safe to assume that you’d need severe weather protection with the dexterity that gloves afford. But not everyone needs that much freedom of movement in a cold-weather glove.

Mittens are available in what you’d imagine as the classic style with a separate thumb and one roomy pocket for all of your fingers. But they’re also available with a separate index finger and thumb, called a “one-finger mitt,” which improves on the dexterity of a full mitten. The Endura® Cowgrain Winter Mitt with Acrylic-Pile Lining guards against dampness and the cold, and offers some abrasion protection, too.


Some Mittens are High Performance

Probably the last thing you’d expect from a mitten is high performance — with the notable exception of their cold weather protection. But workers in many different jobs prefer the warmth of mittens over gloves, and they need the same protection against injury as anyone else.

A good example is our Deluxe Lineman Mitts, 6″ with Reflective Gauntlet Cuff. This mitt is made from 3 1/2-ounce grain horsehide leather with a water-repellent that doesn’t affect the hide’s softness or flexibility. Wear areas are reinforced, cuffs are reflective for safety, and the seams are done up using Kevlar® thread. Different styles guard against cuts, heat, and other hazards.

cold weather mittens

Hand protection comes in so many different varieties that there really are work gloves, or mitts, for everyone. According to The Clymb, outdoor enthusiasts also agree that dexterity sometimes comes in second place. A mitt is a great alternative for occasions, activities, or jobs where keeping warm and dry trumps the desire for using each digit independently.

Kids might have had it right all along. If you have to be outside and don’t need the use of all of your fingers, winter weather mitts can make the day a lot more pleasant!


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