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Looking for Glass Handling Gloves? We’ve got you covered.

We recently received a phenomenal testimonial about our gloves from Vitrum Industries Ltd: a Canadian glass manufacturing company located in the Pacific Northwest.

When we first started working with Vitrum, they were looking for work gloves that would protect their 230 shop workers from the many hazards that accompany the task of working in a glass handling plant. Since Vitrum manufactures over 500 different types of glass, shop workers are exposed to sharp cut hazards on the regular. For this reason, Rafael, their Purchaser came to us looking for a glove that would not only protect the workers’ hands, but that would last a long time as well.

We’re happy to say that we were able to help Rafael and his colleagues find a lasting solution to their problem. And, as an added bonus, since making the switch, Vitrum Industries has saved thousands annually — just by being able to buy one work glove that’s cut-resistant enough to protect all of their workers’ hands.

Here’s what Rafael had to say about the experience:

“The confidence that I have when I give out this glove makes you a little bit happier. It makes you more at peace with yourself. You know you’re issuing a good product to your workers. It’s good stuff.”

Interested in reading the rest of Rafael’s story? Download the free, printable PDF version now.

Work in a similar application? Looking for reliable gloves that’ll protect your hands against even the sharpest of cut hazards? Check out our glass handling gloves section today.

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