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The 5 New Glove Styles You Need to Know About

We get it: every workplace is different. Each presents its own unique set of risks and associated hazards. And, because of that, not every pair of work gloves will the best choice for the task at hand.

Translation: one glove does not fit all.


For this reason, here at Superior Glove, innovation is one of our core values. We’re dedicated to crafting the best, most reliable PPE solutions for the modern worker because we want you to have the opportunity to select work gloves that will not only keep you safe, but that you’ll actually want to wear while you’re hard at work — whether it’s because of their impressive cut resistance, amazing grip, aesthetic appeal, or even all three at the same time. We’re committed to putting the latest technological advancements to work so that your gloves will not only protect you, but actually make it easier for you to get the job done.

So now, without further ado, here are five of our newest glove styles that we think deserve a bit of special attention:

1. STAGBPU: TenActiv™ Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Knit Gloves with Black Polyurethane Palms

Looking for a great general purpose glove? You’ve come to the right place. Rated ANSI level A4 for cut resistance and ANSI level 4 for puncture resistance, these durable TenActiv™ gloves will give you the protection you need without sacrificing your flexibility. And, thanks to their polyurethane palm coating, our STAGBPUs also provide a great grip.

2. S13TAFGPU: TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with Polyurethane Palms

Excellent tactile feel, 1225 grams of gram cut protection, and stellar ANSI level 5 puncture resistance? Who wouldn’t want that?!

Made with our incredible TenActiv™ yarn, these babies are built to last.

3. MXGVSB: Clutch Gear® Goat-Grain Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves

Meet the latest addition to our Clutch Gear® lineup: our MXGVXBs. Crafted with premium goat grain leather, anti-impact TPR backing, and foam padded palms for vibration dampening, these gloves deliver exactly what they promise: superior comfort, fit, and protection.

4. 505KGWS: Endura® Deluxe Cut-Resistant Welding Gloves

Calling all welders: you need these! Since they offer ANSI level A5 cut protection, impressive ANSI level 5 puncture resistance, and a full Kevlar®/composite filament fiber blend liner, sparks, heat, cut, and puncture hazards won’t stand a chance.

And finally, last but certainly not least…

5. SCAMPNVB: Dexterity® Anti-Impact Camo Print Nylon Gloves with Micropore Grip
If you stopped by our booth at ASSE’s Safety 2016, chances are that you’re already acquainted with these gloves. If you missed it, here’s a refresher: these gloves are, well, amazing. Along with their awesome camouflage pattern, they’re also comfortable, dexterous, and provide great impact protection. And, thanks to their black micropore nitrile palm coating, when you wear these gloves, you’ll also have an unbeatable grip — even in slippery work conditions.

Think these gloves belong in your toolkit? What are you waiting for? Click the button below to request your sample pair of our SCAMPNVB gloves. (Trust us: you’ll love them.)

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