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New Year, New Goals

Featuring Resolutions for Better Workplace Safety


As we look forward to an outstanding and productive 2013, we take a moment to look back on the achievements of the last year. Superior Glove is proud of the innovative products we introduced in 2012 as we maintain our commitment to developing industry-leading products to meet hand protection needs across all industries.

In 2012, Superior Glove introduced customers to a multitude of new leather and dip-coated seamless-knit cut-resistant styles. For instance, some really cutting-edge new goat grain styles with ASTM level 4 cut-resistant Kevlar® and silica linings. Also, we launched our cut-resistant Cutban sleeves, and cut- and flame-resistant Contender and Protex sleeves. Many of those featured STAYz-UP sleeve technology to ensure consistent coverage when wearing protective sleeves.

A new lineup that came to life in 2012 was our heat-resistant nitrile striped, SureGrip hotmill mid-heat range of products. And a Superior Glove product line that grew by leaps and bounds in 2012 was the Clutch Gear® back-of-hand impact protection series. This whole series reduces (if not eliminates) hairline fractures, bruising blows and pinched fingers. We now offer gloves with this back-of-hand protection in the standard MXVSB glove that started it all, as well as on versions with quilted palms for oil grip, on seamless-knit Contender series cut-resistant shells, Dyneema® shells with foam nitrile palms for great grip and cut protection, Kevlar®-lined styles, plus Water-Tite and winter-lined versions.

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we know that what’s more important is what comes next…


So, what can you expect from us in 2013?

  • A strong commitment to customer service.
  • A continued advancement in the technology of hand protection—expect to see new styles with even higher cut resistance in even thinner, more dexterous gloves. Look for more heat hold out in new high-temperature styles of glass and foundry styles, as well as new styles targeted specifically for the cleanroom market.
  • We are working on technology to fix or freeze the size of the gloves and sleeves we knit. The goal is to greatly reduce or eliminate shrinkage of knit products after washing. The project is codenamed “Size Lock.” Initial testing out of our research and development looks great, and we hope to launch this by the summer of 2013.
  • Access to information on our products that is clear, easy to find and always up to date.
  • A sharing of information on industry news and trends, new products and current developments.


With each new year comes new resolve. Some are easier kept than others (have you actually gotten on the treadmill yet?) Here’s an achievable list of resolutions pertaining to better workplace safety for 2013:



  1. Take the right training. Proper safety training and knowledge saves lives. Learn how to protect yourself. Ask your employer about on-the-job instruction pertaining to safety. Or if you are the employer, ensure employee safety training is up to date.
  2. Lead by example. Consistently make safety a priority and become a role model for colleagues, customers and other employees.
  3. Use the right glove. Resolve to protect your hands from machinery, chemicals and other hazards by choosing the right glove… and wearing it!
  4. Go on a hazard hunt. Take a detailed and thorough tour of your workplace to locate any potential safety hazards or situations you may have missed before or have cropped up since your last hazard assessment. Take steps to correct immediately.


Best and sincere wishes for a healthy, safe and joyous new year… from all of us at Superior Glove.

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