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Nothing is Ever Perfect: Top 50 Innovators of 2017

We won an award.

It’s a good feeling, but why does it matter to you?

Why should you take the time to read about this award and share in our excitement?

Because you have a mantra, a sort of code that you live by.

So do we.

Our mantra is that “nothing is ever perfect.”

The evolution of our manufacturing process proves that. Superior Glove started with a handful of leather gloves.

old leather gloves

But as industries expanded and technology advanced, our glove-making process had to change as well.


We created a glove that revolutionized  the hand safety industry.

Did we stop? No.

We used that success as inspiration to pioneer new products.

It’s that spirit that planted us on the 2017 list of Top 50 Innovators named by Apparel Magazine, with the likes of watch manufacturer, Fossil, and outerwear producer, Canada Goose.

The desire was to give you, the consumer, a better business experience by incorporating innovative technology into our business model.

The Enterprise Resource Planning system will allow Superior Glove to share information more efficiently. From planning and purchasing to inventory and marketing — satisfying stock demands and refining communication.

That’s why it should matter to you that we won this award.

It’s all of this is in an effort to make sure that we exceed your business expectations and provide exceptional service.

Because nothing is ever perfect.

(Thanks to Exenta for nominating Superior Glove and providing the technology the make the Enterprise Resource Planning system possible).

See the full list of innovators here.


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