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[Press Release] Superior Glove Opens New Plant in Springdale, Newfoundland

Acton, ON – October 20th, 2016 – Superior Glove Works is excited to announce the opening of a new plant in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Springdale plant will open in mid-November with a focus on manufacturing Superior Glove’s lineup of Contender™ cut-resistant gloves and Cutban™ protective sleeves. The plant will start with 12 employees and grow to employ 20 by 2017.

“This is about our continued commitment to manufacturing in Canada,” President Tony Geng said, “it means more jobs for Canadians and more hardworking hands and arms worldwide being protected by our Superior gloves and sleeves.”

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Springdale, Newfoundland is located approximately two hours west of Superior Glove’s existing Point Leamington plant.

The addition of this third Canadian manufacturing facility helps increase Superior Glove’s coast to coast market reach and support its global growth.

The chosen location is also a reflection of the company’s Canadian roots and dedication to local economies.


About Superior Glove:


Superior Glove Works is a leader in the industrial work glove industry. Vertical integration, a sound business approach and a dedication to research and innovation has led the company to be one of the largest work glove manufacturers—with customers in North America and Europe. Specializing in cut-resistant gloves, Superior offers an astounding 3,500 styles of work gloves to the safety glove market. Providing “engineered hand protection for every industry” is more than just a slogan—it’s the impetus for growth and the foundation on which Superior Glove was built.

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