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Who Else Wants 100% Biodegradable Gloves?

This glove is GREEN


biodegradable work gloves

biodegradable work gloves


No, it isn’t a trick of the mind like “the dress,” this glove is green because it is now 100% biodegradable.

Superior Glove is joining organizations like Coca Cola, General Motors and NASA by utilizing landfill energy.

The Dexterity® NT 15-gauge Cotton Knit with Nitrile Palms — S15NT for short — will contribute to landfill creation of clean energy.


What Does Biodegradable Mean?

Biodegradable means that the product is capable of being broken down by the actions of microorganisms.

Time is an important factor for biodegradability, a plastic bag can break down over 500 years but that won’t help to create landfill energy now.


How is the S15NT 100% Biodegradable?

This glove is made up of two parts:

  1. A 100% cotton seamless knit cotton shell.
  2. A nitrile palm dip.

Cotton is one of the most biodegradable fabrics available, breaking down in 5 months or less.

The S15NT’s shell was always biodegradable, but the nitrile palm dip was not.

Through research, hard work and innovative thinking, we discovered an additive to create a biodegradable nitrile coating.


How Does it Biodegrade?

The S15NT is our most popular Canadian-made glove.

When reformulating the palm coating, it was incredibly important that the glove’s physical properties wouldn’t change.

That means that the glove won’t begin to degrade on your hands, they require a biologically-active landfill for the magic to begin.


How it Works:

When disposed in landfills, microorganisms consume and metabolize the glove materials into three natural compounds — organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide. This creates fertilizer and leaves zero waste behind. Every 1000 pounds of used gloves could power a home for two years or fuel a vehicle for one year, as depicted in the chart below.

lifecycle of s15nt biodegradable glove


Every glove makes a difference.

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