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Choose the Best Industrial Winter Gloves

Whether you’re a snowplow driver, a construction worker, or Muhammad Ali, the quality of the job you do depends on your hands and the shape they’re in.

That’s why having the best industrial winter gloves should always be a priority – so that you can not only get the job done, but be safe in the process as well.

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What’s in an Industrial Winter Glove?

To provide you with the most protection, industrial winter gloves need to be well engineered and built with the strongest, most durable materials.

They should not only keep you warm, but protect you from the variety of workplace hazards that you might come across while on the job.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make sure you’re wearing gloves that’ll keep your hands in tip-top shape – no matter what the job entails.


1. Make Protection and Durability Your Priority:

Industrial winter work gloves need to be durable. Because of this, Kevlar® is a must.

By featuring Kevlar® in many of our work gloves means they offer an increased level of protection. Given the wide range of workplace hazards, industrial winter gloves need to provide you with protection from a diverse range of cuts and abrasions.

That’s why gloves made with Kevlar® are your best choice for high quality protection and durability.


2. Dexterity is a Necessity:

Don’t mistake thick, bulky gloves for added warmth.

Cotton gloves are great for a lot of things, but avoid cotton in your gloves when you’re working outside. It’s thick, gets wet easily but dries slowly. This means your hands get colder much quicker.

Look for gloves made with Thinsulate™.

Thinsulate™ is very thin and works as an exceptional insulator. Industrial winter gloves made with Thinsulate™ are not only warmer, but offer great dexterity. Gloves made with both Kevlar® and Thinsulate™ will have a good balance of durability and dependability in cold weather.


3. Don’t Waste Your Time on “Cheap Gloves”:

Sure, the cheap gloves at the hardware store seem great at first, but what happens when you’ve been working for ten hours and it’s wet and snowing?

Forget about the cheap gloves. There’s no replacement for well constructed gloves.

Industrial winter gloves are essential for keeping you safe and getting the job done.

Before looking strictly at the bottom line, consider the lifespan of your gloves. If a glove costs $2 and lasts a day but another glove costs $7 buts lasts 5 days, isn’t the second glove a better deal?


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