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The 5 Best Gloves for Unpredictable Spring Weather

Spring is a glorious time of year: The birds are chirping, everything smells nice and your Seasonal Affective Disorder is in remission.

The one drawback for anyone working outside?

The weather that mother nature will throw at you this time of year in completely unpredictable.

With that in mind, we’re showcasing the 5 best gloves to help you prepare for spring weather.

unpredictable spring weather


Snow Tire Removal Gloves:

One of the first signs of spring is the task of changing snow tires.

As we’ve covered on the site before, some gloves are better for changing tires than others.

This is especially true if you drive on dirt and gravel roads, like most people in rural North America.

Waterproof mechanics gloves for tire changes are the best option when it comes to the wet and muddy conditions.

Like our Clutch Gear® Mechanics Glove with PVC Diamond Grip.

Synthetic leather palms won’t stiff when wet and dry quickly. The Gription® pads on the palm and fingertips give you extra grip.

This means the job will be easier and you’ll get it done faster, so you can enjoy your free time to do things like spring cleaning.

Clutch Gear® Mechanics Glove with PVC Diamond Grip MXGBE
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Spring Cleaning Gloves:

Spring cleaning doesn’t just happen inside the house. Whether you work in landscaping or just own property, tree cleanup is a yearly spring chore.

OSHA lists a number of precautions that users should take when running a chainsaw. This includes PPE like metatarsal boots, goggles, ear muffs and gloves.

In terms of hand protection, trade in the leather-split fitters gloves this spring for the Endura® Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves.

With anti-vibration padding in the palm to prevent damage to nerves and hi-viz backings to keep your hands visible.

These gloves also feature an eight-layer lining of Kevlar® on the back of the left hand. This chain-arrest woven Kevlar® is designed to stop a chainsaw running at 3140 feet per minute.

Endura® Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves Endura® Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves Item Number: 385CS
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Waterproof Gloves for Unpredictable Weather:

One of the worst things about working outside during March and April is unpredictability.

One minute it’s sunny and warm and the next minute it’s snowing, raining and hailing.

In situations like this, waterproof gloves made with composite yarns are a must.

The Emerald CX® Kevlar®/Wire-Core™ gloves find the perfect balance between waterproof properties and high cut protection.

The blue nitrile base coat prevents liquid soak-through and the black micropore overlay enhances grip in wet and oily conditions.

Emerald CX® Kevlar®/Wire-Core™ Waterproof Gloves Product ID: SCXPNTFC
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Cold Protection:

Maybe you’re happy with your current hand protection and your biggest concern is keeping warm.

In some industries like turf maintenance, your morning starts at the chilly hours of 5AM but by 10 o’clock the sun is out and a Thinsulate™-lined glove isn’t necessary.

Times like this call for adding a layer, like our 13-gauge Arctic Knit ComFortrel® Glove Liner.

ComFortrel® fiber is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep your hands dry and comfy, but they’re thin. So they’ll easily fit under most gloves and into your pocket when the sun does come out.

Arctic Knit ComFortrel® Glove Liner Product ID: S13CPBW/S13CPWH
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The General Purpose Spring Glove:

Maybe you’re getting worried that there’s no perfect glove for you. The gloves listed above seem far too situation specific.

You just want a glove that’s breathable, has some water resistance and cut-resistant properties.

A glove with ZedCoat™ palm coating will be your best bet.

ZedCoat™ is one of the the few glove coatings that doesn’t have permeation or leak through, but also has excellent abrasion resistance.

Our TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with ZedCoat™ Palms offer ANSI level A3 cut resistance and the TenActiv™ yarn gives a comfortable, breathable feel that wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin.

TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with ZedCoat™ Palms Product ID: S13TANT
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This full arsenal of gloves for every situation will help you to better prepare for spring weather.


So what are you waiting for?

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