April 29, 2016 | Joe Geng |

Acton Youth Become Business Owners with Superior Glove’s Support

Back in February, I was invited to attend a special meeting at the Acton Town Hall with the President of Superior Glove, Tony Geng.

At the beginning of their school year, a group of Grade 10 business students from Acton High School were presented with an exciting opportunity: the chance to become entrepreneurs for the first time. The students’ teacher, Virginia Houston, was instrumental in encouraging the students to develop unique business ideas. Mentors from the Town of Halton Hills, Acton BIA, with backgrounds in business, sales, and marketing also supported the students by providing them with feedback and mentoring them as they developed their business plans.

At the town meeting on February 16th, the four groups of students that had been selected as the winners presented their business ideas to those in attendance. I was so impressed by the quality of their presentations; it was evident that the students had put a lot of work into their business plans, and the variety of businesses that the students had come up with was fascinating as well.

First up was Dhara Patel, who had dreamt up a mouth-watering cupcake business called A Cup of Cake. Dhara explained that the idea had come to her since she loves baking for her family and friends. Since many of them also have dietary restrictions, Dhara decided that her cupcakes would not only come in a variety of different flavours (including chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, apple pie, and peaches and cream) but that she would also sell gluten-free and vegetarian goodies — so that everyone would be able to enjoy them.


Here’s a great shot of Dhara with her wonderful mentors. From left: Sean Aheme, Corey Smith, Kathleen Dills, Beth Paisley, and Virginia Houston.
Next up were Carson van Tol and Ethan Kalra, who had named their business OVT Custom Guitars; unfortunately, the third member of their company, Jon O’Neill, was unable to present alongside his colleagues that evening. Their company decided that they would custom create guitars for clients in their area. The students explained that the inspiration behind their business was to take a customer’s idea of a perfect guitar and realize it for them, so that they could express their passion for music through their guitars.

Dylan McNair was third to present; he dreamed of opening a comic book store called Hydra that would encourage quieter teens to come together through a common interest of gaming. “The stereotype is that people like me are very antisocial,” he commented. “That’s mostly untrue. People like me are very social with each other.” McNair also went on to explain that the nearest comic book store is 20 minutes away, in Georgetown, so this would provide a fun new hangout spot for those in Acton who are interested in gaming but don’t have their licenses yet.

Although Brian Secord was the last one to present, he certainly wasn’t ‘the least’, so to speak. His idea was to run a group of fitness classes for children and teens in Acton. Secord explained that his goal was to get kids away from their computers and other devices and instead encourage them to get outside and partake in fun, physical activities. After realizing that there aren’t many places in Acton where kids and teens could go to get fit, Secord decided that he would organize a series of outdoor fitness classes over the summer in which the kids who didn’t want to partake in team sports could come to run around, play tag or handball, and have fun with other kids around their age in an outdoor setting. His hope was that his business — aptly-named BFit — would encourage members of the community to get active as well.

At the end of the town meeting, it was announced that Brian Secord’s business idea was chosen as the winner of the program; he received a grant of $2000 to help him start up his business.


Our Company President, Tony, posing with Brian Secord after his big win. Well done, Brian!
As the runner-up, Dhara Patel received $1000 for her start up. Dylan McNair of Hydra and Carson van Tol and Ethan Kalra of OVT Guitars were also each presented with a cheque for $500.

Along with Tandia, the National Bank, the local Olde Hide House, the Acton BIA, and a few other organizations within the Acton community, Superior Glove is proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful initiative within the Acton community.

It’s clear that this was a fantastic learning experience for everyone involved. All of us at Superior Glove are thrilled that our participation in this initiative helped these students get their businesses off the ground. We’re so inspired by these impressive students and their innovative ideas, and we can’t wait to see what their bright futures have in store.

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