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Superior Glove Unveils New Corporate Logo


Toronto, ON – September 17, 2015 – Superior Glove is excited to unveil its new corporate logo. The brand logo has been updated to represent the evolution of the company. With a strong legacy, Superior Glove is known as an extremely imaginative company, and proud leaders in design within the PPE industry. The updated logo and branding reflect the many advancements the company has made over the last century.


As a Canadian owned and operated family company, the maple leaf immediately calls forth the heritage behind the brand. “Social research shows the top five traits attributed to Canadians are polite, friendly, helpful, kind, and respectful. These common attributes are completely in line with our core brand values. The new logo represents both our commitment to innovative hand protection and a personable, established relationship with our customers and partners,” says Julie McFater, Marketing and Communications Manager for Superior Glove.

The glove is an integral part of the business, and as a result, of the brand image as well. The evolution of the logo below mirrors the transformation of glove design through the ages; as glove design and yarn technology evolved, so did glove aesthetics. Today’s gloves are more form-fitting, high-tech, and ergonomic: the glove image in the logo reflects that. Paired with the half maple leaf, the logo represents Superior Glove’s identity, and key brand messaging.

The brand colors reflect the brand personality, and reveal to the world what Superior Glove means and stands for. “We are innovative, evolving and committed to hand protection solutions. Our logo and corporate colors reflect that,” explains company President Tony Geng.

For more than 100 years, Superior Glove has been a symbol of quality and innovation in the hand protection industry. Many things define Superior Glove; innovation, and the willingness to adapt to changing consumer needs and demands are large parts of that.

Brand Promise
At Superior Glove, we are dedicated to creating cutting edge products and invaluable solutions for hand protection needs in every industry. We endeavor to research and develop new, creative, and effective products to serve each industry, and strive to exceed customer expectations in all that we do.

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