September 23, 2013 | Joe Geng |

We Have a lot Waiting for You at NSC

Superior Glove NSC show 2013.

Visit Superior Glove in Booth 1707.

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • A look at our HIGHLY DEXTEROUS 18-gauge ASTM cut-level 2 glove!
  • A FREE PAIR of our most-requested Dexterity® ASTM cut-level 4 gloves.
  •  A demo of how our gloves really handle cuts in the new demo tool: The Superior Glove CHOP SHOP
  •  Canadian Maple Candies & lots more…
    (Sorry, if you’re thinking Canadian Whiskey, you’re… right! But that’s in our hospitality suite – stop by for a free invitation!)

If you need a  FREE PASS, click here.

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