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Superior Vs. Ansell: The Abrasion Showdown

Superior Vs. Ansell: In the left corner we have Ansell’s HyFlex® 531 Fortix weighing in at 9500 cycles of abrasion resistance. In the right corner, we have the “Green Monster of Abrasion resistance”, Superior Glove’s S13TANT TenActiv™ with ZedCoat™ Palms weighing in at 13, 833 cycles of abrasion resistance.



I’m going to stop the imaginary wrestling match here. Our ZedCoat™ coating has 1.5 times better abrasion resistance than HyFlex® 531 Fortix. This fight wouldn’t be a David and Goliath situation where the underdog miraculously wins. It would be a glove massacre.



But that’s not all, let’s run down the facts:


Cut Resistance:

ZedCoat™ is a series of gloves, but for the sake of accurate Superior Vs. Ansell comparison, we’ll stick with the S13TANT, which has 1095 grams of cut protection. Though Ansell doesn’t mention the exact grams of cut protection, they do list the glove as an ASTM cut level A2, meaning the maximum grams of cut protection the glove could offer is 999 grams.


Grip in Liquids:

Ansell’s HyFlex® 531 Fortix uses a foam nitrile palm dip. Foam nitrile has good grip in oils and liquids but the durability is moderate. ZedCoat™ is based on a flat nitrile palm coating but performs almost as well as foam nitrile but with the added bonus of good durability and no soak through which was previously unheard of for nitrile gloves.


Added Features:

Along with incredible abrasion resistance, good grip in liquid that doesn’t sacrifice durability and prevents soak through. ZedCoat™ is 100% Canadian-made, Factored™ to prolong glove life even after laundering and is touchscreen compatible, latex-free and exclusively made by Superior Glove. On the other hand, while Hyflex® doesn’t offer any of these features, it is available in a dirt masking color.


Still Not Sure Who To Choose in the Superior Vs. Ansell Showdown:

Not familiar with ZedCoat™? Watch the video below to brush up on your palm coating knowledge.



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