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If You Use a Chainsaw You Need To Be Wearing These Gloves

What would you wear to keep your hands safe while using a chainsaw to cut down trees in 21 acres of forest?

We recently sent a pair of our Endura® high-visibility vibration-dampening chainsaw gloves to Chris of Damn Yak, who was looking to do just that.

Endura® Hi-Viz Vibration-Dampening Chainsaw Gloves Product ID: 385CS
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These gloves offer a variety of advantages and different types of protection.

But the reason we like to brag about them is because of the fact that they feature eight-layers of chain-arrest woven Kevlar® on the back of the left hand.


It’s designed to withstand a chainsaw running at 3140 feet per minute.

Here’s what Chris had to say about them.


“With these Endura® chainsaw gloves you can feel reassured knowing that you will have the protection you need… When you need it.”

Our chainsaw gloves in action

A few weeks back, he took the gloves for what he called a “field test”, and wrote a wonderful, in-depth review over on his blog. Here’s a snippet:

“The anti-vibration pads were quite helpful, as after the second 7-hour cutting day my hands felt normal. I am sure you would get more protection out of a dedicated anti-vibration glove. The Endura® is a healthy median. No buzzing or numbness from the saw being in my hand all day.

The gloves leather palm also was great as a general work glove, moving the felled logs, gripping them when wet and dry. I never felt as if the glove was sliding off or I was going to lose my grip.”

chainsaw gloves


Want to learn more about these gloves?

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