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Telltale Signs You and Your Distributors are in Sync

At Superior Glove, we always enjoy hearing feedback from our distributors.

Since they work directly with those who end up wearing our gloves, we greatly value not only their comments, but their commitment to making our products accessible to workers around the world who would benefit from wearing them.


Here’s what an employee who works for one of our distributors, The Coverall Shop had to say about what it’s like to do business with us:

“Of all the other glove reps I deal with, Michael [from Superior] is honestly the best […] He’s also really good at recommending what I will need and what trends are in the industries. He has a lot of product knowledge… It means I don’t have to.” -Stan R., Sales Professional

We were also delighted to hear Stan’s opinion of why The Coverall Shop feels that it’s important to keep our safety products in stock: “You guys are always looking at making a better glove, and that’s important.”

Think a colleague would enjoy reading the rest of this testimonial? Click the button below to download the full, printable version.

The Coverall Shop is a North American supplier of high-quality work wear and PPE products. If you live in the Red Deer or Central Alberta and are looking for a new pair of reliable work gloves, they’re the people you should call!

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