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Glove Liners: How to Prevent the Curse of Cold Hands at Work

The curse: You have a pair of gloves that are perfect, they have amazing grip, good protection and great dexterity. But quicker than you can flip the calendar to November, the temperature starts dropping. You don’t want to switch it out for an insulated glove option that may not be work as well. But don’t worry, there’s good news!

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This isn’t a Hardy Boys mystery, the solution is simple: Get a glove liner for cold weather!


the curse of cold hands at work


Cold Weather Glove Liner Options:


Moisture-Wicking Properties:

As we covered in 5 Winter Glove-Buying Tips to Make This Your Best Winter Yet, the quickest way to ruin your work day is with wet, sweaty hands. These liners are made with Thermolite®, a moisture-wicking polyester fiber that lets them dry 20% faster than comparable fibers and 50% faster than cotton. This 13-gauge liner pushes sweat away so your skin temperature doesn’t fluctuate, keeping you warm and toasty all day long.


Layer Up:

Moisture-wicking properties are important, but they can only do so much. By adding a second layer of material, you increase the insulation between you and the cold. Wool is the most famous material for this, but it can add extra bulk.

An engineered co-polymer like ComFortrel® is a great option like in our Arctic Knit Glove Liner. Along with moisture-wicking properties, these liners are slim and fit neatly underneath work gloves.


Extra Winter Protection:

We’ve focused on liners to fit under standard shaped work wear. But wearing those liners under a glove like our Endura® One-finger Lineman Mitts  would not be comfortable.

Fortunately there are products designed specifically for those industries, like our 1 Finger Heather Winter Glove Liner.


So there you have it, three great options of glove liners for cold weather. It doesn’t take Frank and Joe Hardy to solve this one. Get a sample and have a better, warmer winter work season.


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