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Confession of a Leather Glove Addict

Back in 1985, approximately 80% of the gloves we sold were leather ones. Since then, a lot has changed – both at Superior Glove, as well as within the hand protection industry as a whole.

There’s a reason that we expanded the selection of gloves we offer: leather gloves just don’t cut it anymore for the rigorous demands of some jobs.

With the technological advancements and high quality materials available on the market these days, it’s no surprise that we’ve been able to develop a variety of new and innovative ways to create hand protection products that are suitable for a wide range of applications and sectors.

So, why is it, then, that when we send our team into workplaces for hand safety assessments that one of the biggest problems we discover is that often workers aren’t wearing gloves that are suitable for the industry they’re in?

Well, for starters, it’s because workers typically aren’t aware of the fact that they’re exposing themselves to such high risks by wearing gloves designed for the wrong applications.

If you haven’t experienced a significant accident in your workplace, why would you question the old way of doing things?

Well, actually, it’s very important that you do that. It’s worth repeat: once thought to be the best thing since sliced bread, leather gloves aren’t always the best option anymore. Though your employees might be attached to the gloves they’ve grown used to wearing, it’s no secret that wearing the wrong glove in the workplace has a direct correlation with the number of workplace accidents in your business, as well as their level of severity.

This leads us to what we like to call …

The Iceberg Effect:

The iceberg effect of using the wrong work gloves

While you might like how they look, leather gloves are only the tip of the iceberg – one that spans the length of several ocean floors, and that is chockfull of expensive hidden costs. This is why it’s so important to choose gloves that offer you puncture resistance, cut resistance, durability, heat resistance, a stronger grip, etc. – whatever it is that you need to do your job in an effective manner without putting yourself at risk. That’s why hand safety education is so important – so that you’re not putting your employees at risk without even knowing that you are, by providing them with the wrong PPE.

If you still need more convincing about why ensuring that everyone in your workplace is wearing the right pair of gloves is so crucial, we’ve compiled some relevant facts for your perusal below.


Workplace Hand Injury:

Cut Resistant Statistic:

This chart illustrates the percentage of injury that occurs to the hands and fingers in the workplace.



Workers compensation:
Over 23.3% of accidents are hand related.

The environmental law stipulates that a glove must be disposed of properly once it is covered in oils or solvents.

Coated gloves have a better grip and dexterity.

Washing Program:
Internal or external service will save the company more money.


Hand Protection Program:


Here’s a breakdown of how much your currently ineffective hand protection program could be costing you – and how much you stand to save in the future by using the right gloves.

As you can see, having a proper hand protection program in place isn’t just a good idea – it’s a great one. Still unconvinced? Section 1910.138 of OHSA also states that employers must select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when their hands are exposed to any of the following: skin absorption of harmful substances, chemical burns, severe cuts and lacerations, thermal burns and harmful temperature extremes, and severe abrasion and puncture threats. So, keeping your employees safe really is a requirement – rather than a choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the gloves that don’t work for you, and start looking into better, more effective hand protection options. Your workers will thank you, and in the long run, trust us: your wallet will too!

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