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The Ins and Outs of Disposable Gloves

Whether you work in food service, security, the pharmaceutical industry or any other where inexpensive, durable gloves are important, there’s an option just for you. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of what’s on the market today. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all disposable gloves are the same. At first glance, single-use gloves don’t look as complicated as cut-resistant gloves, but there’s a lot to consider when selection the right pair. This blog highlights four things you need to consider.
disposable gloves being used in the food industry


1. Most Single-Use Gloves are Thin:

Hands are miraculous things. They can sense temperature, manipulate a wide range of objects and materials, and it’s probably hard to imagine getting through any day without the use of them. But pull on a heavy pair of welding gloves, and best of luck trying to fill a prescription bottle in a pharmacy or open a paint can.

While most single-use gloves are fairly thin, they’re also available in thicker material like 8 and 15 mil. These gloves are appropriate fopr jobs where you need a sturdier glove but still need your sense of touch.
donning disposable gloves
Footnote: Thinner gloves are strong, but they’re not impervious. Certain chemicals can degrade them, and they’re not suitable for high heat or work where cuts or punctures from heavy equipment are a risk.


2. They’re Available in Different Materials for Different Jobs:

Latex gloves get a bad rap — even though they’re excellent for flexibility and touch sensitivity. While most of the population has no problem with latex, the people who do can suffer terrible allergic reactions. That’s why nitrile and vinyl gloves are two other popular, alternative materials.

Nitrile is one of the most common single-use glove materials, and it’s appropriate for everything from parts handling and light janitorial work to pharmaceutical and medical jobs. It’s flexible and also offers good touch sensitivity. Vinyl is commonly used in food handling, veterinary, security, janitorial and even dental work. It’s also very flexible, and thin enough for dexterous work.

Footnote: Although latex is safe for most people, WebMD warns that a latex allergy can emerge in any person at any time, and also after repeated exposure to the material.


3. Single-Use Gloves are Stylish:

Could anything be more fashionable than a great pair of disposable gloves? Okay, so you might not accessorize with them for a night on the town. But at your day job (or night job), did you know that you aren’t limited to the standard colors?

Disposable gloves come a wide range of colors, from pink and purple to black and, of course, blue. Maybe you prefer a certain color, or maybe it makes sense in your line of work to use a different color glove for different jobs. For whatever reason you want them, single-use gloves come in a rainbow of different shades.

Footnote: Disposable gloves are colorful, but they aren’t really stylish. We just made that part up.
disposable gloves used in labs


4. They Keep Improving All the Time:

If you’ve ever tried a home hair dye kit, you probably know that the cheaper disposable gloves are specially manufactured to fall apart at the exact moment when your hands come in contact with the dye. Well, okay… Maybe that’s not what the manufacturer really intends, but that’s what usually happens. And then you have a not-so-attractive temporary tattoo. However, that’s not what happens when you use quality disposable gloves.

Technology keeps improving disposable gloves, so your choices keep getting stretchier, more resilient, and better overall. Some are contoured for better fit and dexterity, and some have cornstarch inside so they won’t stick to your skin. Some even have vitamin E and lanolin inside to keep your hands baby soft. And, if you work in the food processing field, some disposable gloves have a magnetic property so the risk of losing a small piece in the food is minimized.

Footnote: Even with the best materials available, no single-use glove is ever perfect.
tattoo artist disposable gloves
As long as people need inexpensive hand protection that can stand up to moderate and light duty work, disposable gloves will have an important job to do. And, as long as people have opinions, choices in disposable gloves will keep getting better and better.

They’re not the strongest gloves you’ll ever use, and they aren’t quite as cool as a great pair of biker gloves. But, if you’re looking for single-use gloves that are suitable for dexterous, touch-sensitive work, latex, nitrile, and vinyl are the best materials that the industry has to offer.

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