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The Perfect Gloves for the Perfect Thanksgiving Feast!

When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind?

For us it’s the three Fs – football, feasting, and family.

From preparing the perfect turkey to tossing around a football with family, Thanksgiving has something for everyone.

For everything you do to make your Thanksgiving extra special, Superior Glove wants to make sure your hands stay safe and protected. Check out our list of the top gloves to use this holiday for the myriad activities needed to put on a Thanksgiving your guests will never forget.


The Best Disposable for Prepping Your Turkey

While eating a delicious Thanksgiving turkey is highly enjoyable, some of the work required to prepare the turkey isn’t so much. Removing the turkey neck and giblets is one of those not-so-pleasant tasks.

This Thanksgiving reach inside that turkey with no fear wearing Superior Glove’s RD8BNPF12 KeepKleen nitrile disposable gloves.

  • This glove is thick (8 mil), so it won’t break leaving pieces of glove in your turkey (wouldn’t that be a surprise for your guests!), and provides better puncture resistance than other disposables
  • Ambidextrous and powder-free, you can wear these on any hand and not worry about leaving powder residue in any of your delicious food
  • A 12” cuff increases your coverage, so you can dig deep up inside that turkey!

Top Choice for Prepping Food

Prepping all the different dishes for Thanksgiving can be a two-, three-, even four-person job. There are so many different ingredients and kitchen tools it can be hard to keep track. Superior Glove’s SCXPNTFB is the perfect companion for all your food prep requirements.

  • This incredibly dextrous glove is an engineering marvel, combining some of the strongest fibers in the world (including Kevlar) for an ANSI cut level 4 that will keep your hands safe from the many blades you’ll run into prepping your Thanksgiving feast
  • Not only does this glove offer excellent cut-resistance, but also top-notch puncture- and abrasion-resistance – making it the perfect choice for all your meal-prep needs
  • Featuring micropore nitrile coating, this glove will maintain your grip even when coated in olive oil, egg yolks, and milk

Our Pick for the Warmest Winter Gloves

For those of you hosting Thanksgiving in an area likely to receive snow, a great pair of snow gloves is a must. You never know when a freak snowfall will cover your street and driveway in mountains of snow – and it always happens minutes before your guests are expected!

If you’re wearing Superior Glove’s SNOW388V SnowForce Extreme Cold Winter gloves, your hands won’t know it’s winter – even in negative temperatures.

  • Offering three layers of insulative protection, this glove keeps your hands warm in extreme cold temperatures with minimum bulk to keep your fingers flexible
  • Waterproof, windproof, and foam-padded on the knuckles to protect against knocks and bumps
  • Velcro secure tabs on gauntlet cuffs to ensure gloves stay on and snow can’t get in
  • Great grip in even the wettest conditions due to anti-slip PVC patches
  • ANSI puncture level 3 protection

Best Gloves for Backyard Football

Whether you’re in it for fun or to demolish the competition, Superior Glove’s MXBG Clutch Gear Driver’s gloves will give you the edge you need in this Thanksgiving’s family football game! These slim, fitted gloves offer a super-dextrous alternative to traditional mechanics gloves.

  • Supple, goat-grain palms provide a comfortable, abrasion-resistant grip – perfect for nailing that long shot catch
  • The orange spandex fourchettes not only look good, but also allow for greater flexibility
  • The slim fit allows for superior hand movement, such as making the game-winning throw
  • Velcro clutch keeps gloves firmly in place
  • Spandex backing allows for breathability

Our Top Pick for Oven Mitts

If you’re in charge of food this Thanksgiving, one thing you’ll be doing a lot of is taking dishes in and out of the oven. You’ll need the best oven mitts on the market to insulate your hands from the heat and make sure no hot dishes get dropped. Superior Glove’s TBMOB 17” Baker’s Mitt with Oilbloc™ is the contender that can handle the heat.

  • Not only can these gloves withstand the heat, but also any liquids (fats, grease) that happen to spill thanks to the Oilbloc™ treatment
  • Speckled brown color hides dirt
  • Strengthened seams for increased durability
  • Thumb patch reinforced with Kevlar® for added protection
  • Fully washable for long-term wear

The Perfect Pot Holder Glove

Once your dishes are out of the oven you’ll need to set them down carefully to avoid leaving burn marks on tablecloths or tables. Use the amazing heat-resistance of Superior Glove’s SPFGSS to your advantage! This glove’s heat-resistant capabilities will keep your linens and furniture protected from burns while the silicone strips keep pots, pans, and dishes firmly in place. For a feast with multiple hot dishes, these gloves ingeniously re-positioned as pot holders are a must.

  • Full and complete protection from polyester and composite filament fiber blend – ANSI level 5 heat resistance, ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance, and ANSI level A3 cut resistance
  • Silicone strips provide superior grip and heat protection
  • Highly dexterous and comfortable for a high-heat glove

The Ultimate Glove for Carving the Turkey (and other delicious meats or veggie options!)

The carving of the turkey is certainly the capstone of any Thanksgiving feast. It is the moment that grabs everyone’s attention, and the moment where it is especially important to have the perfect glove. A leader in the food industry, Superior Glove’s STA5 cut-resistant glove is the ultimate choice to keep your hands safe while carving. This glove comes in several different colors to avoid cross-contamination, so you can keep separate gloves for the turkey, the ham, and even the tofurkey!

  • These gloves have it all – comfort, fit, and dexterity
  • A comfortable, fitted glove offering an incredible ANSI level A5 cut protection
  • Fully FDA compliant
  • Cross-contamination prevention through color coding
  • Maintains shape, size, and antimicrobial properties after laundering

The Top Choice for After Dinner Clean-Up

After the Thanksgiving feast has been served and gobbled up, only one thing remains – washing the dishes. While your guests are relaxing in the living room, your work has just begun. You’ll find all the help you need in Superior Glove’s industry-leading NI4622 nitrile ChemStop™ glove.

  • Performs in a wide range of temperatures, from 25°F to 300°F
  • Offers excellent grip courtesy of an embossed finish (so no dropping the good china!)
  • Protects from punctures, abrasions, and snags

From our family to yours, Superior Glove wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoyed our fun, light-hearted take on re-positioning industrial gloves for residential use. The suggested uses for the gloves featured in this blog are for entertainment purposes only and not the intended uses of the glove.

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