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The Science Behind Cut Resistant Kevlar® Gloves


There are a few things in this world that are nothing short of amazing; Kevlar® just happens to be one of them. This miraculous material makes work gloves tougher and more resilient than nearly any other fiber.

Here’s why it’s so special, and what makes gloves with Kevlar® a fantastic choice for anyone in search of reliable hand protection.

Kevlar® isn’t New: it’s Tested and True!

A lot of miraculous materials have emerged on the market in recent years, and some of them have stood the test of time — including Kevlar® work gloves. Created by DuPont in 1965, this organic fiber is part of the aromatic polyamide family and is distinctly different from other man-made fibers.

Kevlar® was invented by DuPont scientist, Stephanie Kwolek. NPR says that while working to develop a synthetic fiber, she accidentally invented what at first appeared to be a mistake. But, she spun the liquid creation into fiber (something that shouldn’t have worked) and instead, discovered a material that was tougher than any other previously known man-made fiber.

Just How Strong is Kevlar®?

This material has famously made its way into bulletproof protective gear, motorcycle helmets, tires, and even into space crafts. You’d have an awfully difficult time fitting a Kevlar® kayak into a stocking, but gloves will fit just fine. It’s 5 times tougher than steel, according to Scientific American, and resists flames and heat up to 800 ◦F.

Cut resistance is another one of Kevlar®’s golden achievements. It resists cuts (even ones from razor blades) much better than cotton, or even leather. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with DuPont®: because we want you to be able to rest assured that your hands are protected while you’re on the job.

Our Kevlar® Gloves Are Suitable For Many Applications

For people who work with their hands, protection means everything. It ranks pretty high in a number of industries, too, which is why we make so many different styles with a wide range of cut and slash protection.

If you want ANSI cut resistance of 1, 9, or anything in between, we have a glove that’s just right. Choose from Kevlar® with leather, latex, nitrile, stainless steel, or combinations of the above. Or choose a simple yet sophisticated string knit style, which DuPont® used in its tumble test.

Our Kevlar® gloves come in many different levels of protection for a variety of different jobs; when it comes to Kevlar®, you can’t go wrong!

Learn more about all of the cut resistant work gloves and safety gloves that we have to offer. Chances are that if you can imagine it, we have the cut-resistant gloves you’re looking for in stock and ready to ship!

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