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The September Summary: Our Most Viewed Content

It’s hard to believe it’s almost October, but let’s put a bow on this month with a wrap-up of our most viewed content:


A History of Safety: Key Moments that Shaped the Modern Workplace

Did you know that since 1913, work related deaths have fallen by 80 percent? We took a trip down memory lane to explore the changing face of safety and how that affected the modern workplace.


What Career Would You Have If You Weren’t A Safety Manager

A fun and easy 7 question quiz that gives an interesting look into other career paths that could have served you well. Share with friends and let us know what career you got.


How Washington is Stopping Contractor Workplace Violations

“If a company is going to receive taxpayer money, it should have safe workplaces.” — President Obama. Between 2007 and 2012, 42 American worker deaths were directly related to a company’s OSHA violations. We dug into how the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order effective October 1 could affect your company.


Locked Out: Can OSHA Shut Down a Job Site?

On the note of OSHA violations, in our blog post Locked Out, we looked at the one thing that can shut down a job site and ways to avoid the possibility in the first place.


[Infographic] 5 Tips to Reduce Hand Injuries

The average cost of lost time due to a hand injury is $7,500, this colorful infographic provide 5 simple tips that can reduce hand injuries and save your company more money.

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