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Top 10 Things To Do In Anaheim For NSC 2016

The glitz and glam of NSC 2016 Congress and Expo isn’t enough for you? Why not take advice on what to do in Anaheim from a guy based in Toronto who has access to Google. Here is my list of the top ten things to do in the City of Ducks.


Angels in the Outfield:

The Angels may not be headed to the World Series but there is a silver lining: you can tour the fourth-oldest MLB stadium, which is only available during away games. The 75-minute walking tour includes a trip to the dugout, a walk through the Visitor’s Clubhouse and you can walk the bases… you won’t get that at Fenway!


Dine Like Billy the Kid:

No, not hiding from the sheriff and his posse, but at the Ranch Restaurant & Saloon. One side is a restaurant that focuses on the cowboy favorite food: meat! The other side is a saloon with all the classic cocktails and sarsaparillas as well as some surprises like Chipotle Margaritas. They also have a dance floor for line dancing.

Enjoyed your experience and want to relive it when you’re back home? They live stream the dances!


Monkeyin’ Around:

The 20-acre Santa Ana Zoo focuses on animals and plants of Central and South America with a requirement to keep a minimum of 50 monkeys on hand at all time. One of the most popular attractions at the Zoo is the Zoofari Express children’s train… in case you’re bringing your kids to NSC 2016.


20,000 Leaks Under the Sea:

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage uses the classic trickery of taking something educational and trying to make it fun. Using terms like “sonar hydrophone” and “tectonic plate volcano” combined with the adorable characters from Pixar’s classic Finding Nemo, you will be taken on an underwater exploration all for the price of a Chipotle Margarita.


Retail Therapy:

Whether you forgot to pack a tie for NSC 2016 or are just window shopping, the Outlets at Orange is the place for you. With over 119 stores to choose from, this 120 store shopping center has an American Eagle, Forever 21 and a Subway all in one place! Even though Albert Hammond claims It Never Rains in Southern California, be sure to choose nice weather to visit the Outlets at Orange because the mall is open-air concept, (which also means bring your sunscreen.)


A Cuppa Joe:

There are plenty of Starbucks in Anaheim to use your MacBook in, but if you’re looking for something a bit more cozy, why not try the Ink & Bean Coffee Saloon and Wordshop where it’s encouraged! Hosting a number of writers workshops throughout the week, Ink & Bean describes itself as a place of “java fueled inspiration” with Stumptown coffee and iKneadLove pastries.


Take a Hike:

Need a bit more outdoors than the Outlets at Orange can offer? Get back to nature by checking out the Weir Canyon Trail, a 3.8-mile loop with terrain described as “undulating.” There isn’t a lot of tree growth up there though, so be sure to keep that sunscreen that you bought at the mall close!


Anaheim Packing House:

A 42,000-square-foot gourmet food hall in Downtown Anaheim. It used to be the Sunkist citrus packing house until 2014 when it was renovated to become an all-day food festival. Restaurants will open at 9 am for breakfast and party keeps going well after midnight with cocktail bars and pubs.


 Be Goofy with Mickey:

Want to know a fun fact about Disneyland? Every fact about Disneyland is fun… it is the happiest place on earth. The engineers who work at Disneyland are called Imagineers #FunFact. It has rides like Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain and Pirate of the Caribbean #FunFact. You can get anywhere in the park by train #FunFact. Doritos were invented there as a way to recycle old tortillas that would have been discarded. #Fun. #Fact.


NSC 2016 Unwind:

Located in the Packing District, The Anaheim Brewery has a Tasting Room, Beer Garden, and every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday. This revived pre-Prohibition brewery has a 30-foot long vintage wooden bar salvaged from an old covered wagon saloon, it’s like going back in time (but the prices will still be modern.)

(NSC 2016 can’t all be fun and games, there is work to be done! Be sure to stop by and visit Superior Glove (Booth #2350), we’ll be unveiling new gloves.)


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