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Top 10 Things To Do in Denver for ASSE Conference and Expo

Our list of The Top 10 Things To Do in Anaheim for the National Safety Conference in October was such a hit that travel companies were knocking down my door asking how much it would cost to steal me away.

I told them “I’m not in this for the money… I’m all about safety and recommending tourist attractions for people attending safety conferences.”

Today we’re looking at Denver, Colorado and Safety 2017. It’s the biggest US safety show and it’s happening June 19 to 22, put on by the American Society of Safety Engineers.

To make sure you get the full experience out of the week, here’s our list of the top ten things to do in Denver for ASSE 2017 conference and expo.

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1. Theorize Conspiracies at the Denver Airport:

The airport is a logical place for an out-of-towner to start crossing sights off your to-do list. Denver International Airport (DIA) is consistently ranked as one of the best airports in the world.

This is partly due to its architecture — the roof is designed to resemble the Rocky Mountains (seen below) — and partly because of the public art  on display throughout the terminals.
denver international airport in colorado
Much of the artwork is believed — by people wearing tin hats — to predict the end of the world.

In the Denver Post’s “Definitive Guide to DIA’s Biggest Conspiracy Theories“, one of the most popular conspiracy theories is a series of bunkers hidden beneath the baggage-transport tunnels.

In the event of nuclear war, the political elite and Hollywood nobles would be housed there to repopulate once the dust has settled.

Must See: The Blue Mustang, nicknamed Blucifer. It is one of the earliest public art pieces at the airport. It shouldn’t be too hard to find since it’s a bucking blue horse that stands 32 feet tall, weighs 9,000 pounds and has glowing red eyes.


2. Catch a Dinger:

The Colorado Rockies are playing well this year, ranked first in the National League West. During Safety 2017, they’ll be going head-to-head with the Arizona Diamondbacks, ranked second in the NLW.

This should make for a pretty interesting game.

Must Not Forget: Your baseball glove.Coors Field is the most hitter-friendly ballpark in the Major Leagues, which means regardless of your seat, you’re in dinger ball country.
Coors field baseball rockies denver colorado


3. Shop Through History:

As the oldest commercial block in the city, Denver was built around Larimer Square. This historic district has something for everyone. From Denver’s only champagne bar to stand-up comedy and a variety of boutiques.

Must Do: A 90-minute “Then & Now” tour that highlights the history of the area, starting with the beginnings of Denver, the square’s fall into disrepair and its resurrection by local citizens.


4. Take a Nighttime Selfie:

If you’re asked to think of famous train stations, the first ones to pop to mind are most likely Grand Central Station in New York City or Gare du Palace in Paris, but you should add Denver’s Union Station to that list.

Opening in 1881, the station was designed to be a hub connecting passengers between four independently-owned railroads (hence the “Union” name).

A steep decline in traffic post-World War II seemed to mark the end of the station. But in the early 2000s renovations went underway to revitalize the site to mix the modern with the nostalgic.

The exterior serves as a perfect nighttime ‘selfie’ opportunity with the blazing red lights “UNION STATION TRAVEL by TRAIN” in the background.
Union Station Denver Colorado


5. 15 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive:

Does this sound like you?

  • Adrenaline junkie
  • Lover of nature
  • Hater of hikes

If it is, then the 15 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive is for you. Located 30 minutes outside of Denver’s downtown in Golden, CO, you can test drive a $300,000 supercar on 15-miles of scenic canyons.

After a short safety orientation, you get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallarado or Porsche Spyder and take it through 158 hair-pin turns and thousands of feet of elevation.
15 mile canyon road test drive porsche


6. Haunted Pub Crawl:

In other cities a scary night at the bar is when the lights come on at closing time, but Denver takes it up a notch.

The two and a half hour tour, cleverly named “Nightly Spirits,” starts in Lower Downtown (note: locals call it LoDo if you’re trying to fit in) and walks you through the history of Denver.

The tour includes stories of brothels, prohibition and the old red light district as well as basements and tunnels of the Denver underground…

Be Sure To: Hold on tight to the railings after a couple of drinks.


7. Stranahan’s Whiskey:

You don’t have to travel to Scotland to try single malt whiskies.

Using water sourced from the Rocky Mountains and locally grown barley, Stranahan’s distillery, located in the heart of Denver, is open year-round for tours.

These guided tours last one hour and include a tour of the distillery and a sample of their Original and Diamond Peak single malt whiskies.

Must See: The most exciting part of any whiskey tour (besides the tasting) is the stills, which give the whiskey its body and basic aromas, along with its high alcohol content.
whisky in glencairn glasses


8. Great Divide Brewing Company:

While Coors is the most famous brewery in Denver to tour, the Great Divide Brewing Company offers a more intimate experience.

Start by touring the brewery floor to see how your beer is made, then saddle up at the bar to try 10 different craft beers. From sour ales to nitro stouts.

Hercules Double IPA is fit for the gods. With 10% ABV, this beer

Must Try Beer: Hercules Double IPA is fit for the gods. With 10% ABV, this beer packs a punch of hoppiness with a nutty, malty sweetness for balance. Rated one of the Top 100 Beers on Planet Earth by Beer Advocate in 2010.


9. Golden Gate Canyon:

Located 30 miles from Denver, Golden Gate Canyon is the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air at the end of a stressful day of safety talks and exhibition visits. This state park stretches over nearly 12,000 acres with 36 miles of hiking trails for all levels of hikers. The backcountry trails wind through forests of white fir, blue spruce and lodgepole pine.

Must See: The Raccoon Trail. This 2.5 mile loop begins and ends at Panorama Point, a scenic overlook with a gorgeous mountain view of a 100-mile span of the Continental Divide.
golden gate canyon colorado


10. Denver Botanic Gardens:

Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who prefers to stay within the city limits. York Street Botanical Gardens has 24 acres of gardens and collections that represent the Western identity and the high altitude climate of Denver. The park also represents diversity from international flora.

Must See: Ella Mullen Weckbaugh Tea House Garden. This garden includes an authentic Tea House, which was built in in Japan, disassembled and shipped to Denver, for reassembly. Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies are held during the summer months.


 Now that you have your free time planned, it’s time to plan your schedule for ASSE Safety 2017!

Be sure to carve out some time to visit Booth #1125 to see our safety presentation “The Top 5 Facts You NEED to Know to be Safer at Work.”

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