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Top 3 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing the Right Heat Resistant Glove:

1. “Going with your gut”.

    Often we see customers that select a heat resistant glove randomly and give it to some poor soul to test, risking burns to that worker. Data trumps intuition! ASTM F1060-87 is a lab test design to determine which gloves should be used at which temperature. Always ask your glove manufacturer for the ASTM F1060 test results for the glove they recommend. If you are not doing this you are trusting the safety of your workers to chance.

2. Not measuring the temperature of the product.

    • Another common mistake is not knowing the temperature of the product being handled. Often we hear that a product is 1000 F, but when we go into measure it we find it is really 500F by the time the product is actually being handled. Any glove manufacturer representative worth their salt should have an infrared thermometer to measure product temperatures. Alternatively you can buy one like this on


    for under $20.

3. The wrong outer material.

    • Here is a rough guide on the temperature range that various materials can take before they start to char or degrade. Sometimes people choose a glove that insulated well at a certain temperature but the glove prematurely degrades because the outer material cannot take the temperature required.


    , this is only the temperature that material can withstand and does not relate to the insulation it provides. The insulation is based on the thickness of the material and construction of the glove. Again, refer to ASTM F1060 to choose the glove with the correct heat insulation value.

Heat Resistant Work Gloves

Approximate values, actual chart temperatures can vary based on manufacturing processes.


*Carbon is inherently brittle and often has to be combined with other materials to be useable in fabrics.

Another Common Pitfall:

Unnecessary sacrifices. There are now gloves available that combine features like heat and grip and heat and liquid/chemical resistance. You don’t have to settle for a heat resistant glove that lacks the protection or features you need.

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