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Top 5 Benefits of a PPE Vending Program

Vending machines aren’t just for candy bars any more. In recent years, they’ve become popular in the manufacturing industry as well as part of a PPE Vending Program.

Plants have seen the benefits from installing these machines for easy distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE).  Today on the blog we look at some of the advantages these machines offer.


1. Cost Savings:

Installing PPE vending machine can represent a significant saving for plants. These savings result from higher efficiency among workers as well as reduced waste and higher productivity.

The programs are low in cost and sometimes free to put in place and the machines can be leased or installed on consignment. Since PPE distribution is monitored, the staff using PPE from a vending program are more careful with it. They are less likely to make poor choice and will be more likely to reuse equipment where possible. This represents a significant cost saving in the long run.


2. Usage Monitoring and Control:

By using a PPE vending program, companies can control what is available for employee use. They can also track the use of equipment bought through the vending machine. This equipment is generally set up to use either an employee number or ID card to get their PPE. The cards can be coded so employees can only access the specific equipment they need. This leads to fewer mistakes and more efficient use of inventory.


3. Inventory Management:

Technology is pretty neat and PPE vending machines can create reports that outline:

  • The use of equipment
  • Allow management to create better inventory management procedures
  • Cut down on the amount of equipment in stock that is used infrequently.
  • Create less waste


4. Restocking Efficiency:

PPE vending machines can be programmed so that when inventory reaches a decided restock level, an automatic request is sent to the supplier. This means that the unit is always stocked at optimal levels, creating better and more efficient inventory management procedures.


5. Training Opportunities:
Hazard Analysis

Many pieces of PPE need specialized training and should not be distributed without proper instruction. PPE vending programs can help to hone in on which employees need training on specific pieces of equipment.

If an employee is denied access to a piece of PPE, it could be because that equipment requires special training.

Vending machines, through inventory tracking, can provide opportunities for management to arrange necessary training for PPE where needed.

The use of a PPE vending program is a no-brainer. It creates more efficient practices, less waste and is cost-efficient. The question is not whether businesses should implement these programs, but why more business have not done so already.

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